Dog agility training courses available for sign up! Your dog is never too young or too old to train. At Supernova International Dog Sports Academy, we conduct courses for Puppies from as young as 2.5 months old. Once your dog has gotten the basic foundation from the puppies courses, you may consider signing them up for Agility & Jumpers, Obedience and other dog sports.


At Supernova International Dog Sports Academy, we teach you how to use humane training techniques to train your dog to be a well-behaved, cooperative and confident dog in the society and also the importance of building a good relationship with your dog. Our vision is to promote lifelong companions between dog owners and their dogs in a relationship based on mutual trust, understanding and respect. Our actions are guided by our values, Integrity & Ethics, Originality & Creativity, Respect, Understanding, Mutual Trust and Teamwork.