Disc Dog is a dog sport that celebrates the bond between dog and handler. It requires the dog to obey commands reliably off the leash, and for the handler to guide their dog through consistent cues. Hence, a good understanding of canine behavior is expected from the handler. Most importantly, the handler also needs to know how to throw the disc, as it will be essential in helping their dog learn how to catch later on. Disc Dog activities can either come in the form of toss and fetch or choreographed freestyle catching – and has evolved into competition forms in other parts the world.


  • Min. 3 dogs, max. 8 dogs (6 months and above)
  • All dogs must be free from contagious illnesses, fleas & ticks, joint and other health issues.
  • – Dogs must be friendly, or at least, non-aggressive to other dogs and people. We welcome timid or reserved dogs.


  • 4 Sessions
  • 1 Hour Per Session



  • Includes a frisbee worth $30

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  • How to start playing frisbee with your dog?
  • How to choose the right frisbee for your dog
  • How to throw a frisbee
  • How to get your dog to “fetch”, “return” and “drop” reliably
  • How to get your dog to catch a frisbee
  • How to train your dog to jump (*Note that this is an introductory course to Disc Dog, so puppies below 18 months old will not be encouraged to leap above a certain height)

Clara Koh

Clara Koh

Certified Trainer