1. SuperNova Academy Of Dog Sports (hereinafter called SuperNova), Shanice, her trainer/s, her partners and venue managements shall not be held responsible for any liability for loss or damage from disease, death, run away, theft, injury to persons or other pets or property caused by the owner’s dog or other unavoidable causes arising out of or in connection with the dog being handled or otherwise cared for by us. However, SuperNova agrees to due and reasonable care while the pet/s is in its custody.

2. The owner of the dog warrants that he/she is the Sole legal owner, and that the dog has not been exposed to any communicable diseases within the last 30 days from the time of attaining the training classes.

3. Any dog that is unwell, infested with ticks and /or with fleas and/or has contracted communicable diseases is not allowed to attend the training lessons during the period of illness. All puppies must have completed at least 1 vaccination before attending group class.

4. All fees are payable before the start of 1st session. All fees and deposit paid are non-refundable. 10% training fees will be charged for late payment made after due date.

5. If your dog is sick or your female dog is in heat, you will have to attend the class without your dog so that you can learn the lesson and go home to practice with your dog.

6. All dogs must have annual vaccinations and be on flea, ticks and heartworm protection.

7. Whether the dog be on the premises of the training ground or not, the owner hereby agrees to be and is solely responsible for any and all acts of behavior of the dog at all time. The owner agrees not to claim any damages against SuperNova, her trainer/s and/or her partners and venue managements, of any nature whatsoever, either by way of contract, equity, negligence or otherwise.

8. The owner hereby authorises SuperNova and her trainer/s to train and/or handle the dog in a manner which we deem fit in our sole and unfettered discretion.

9. The owner agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified SuperNova, Shanice, her trainer/s, her partners and venue managements against all claims, damages, liabilities, actions, costs (including solicitor and client costs) and all expenses howsoever and whatever that SuperNova may incur or be subjected to as a result of any breach by the owner of the terms and conditions herein or for any injury, death or damage to life or property caused or contributed by the owner’s dog .

10. All dogs must be micro-chipped and registered with AVA.

11. An easy walk harness ($45) is required to be purchased from SuperNova Academy Of Dog Sports for puppy n obedience training programs. Retractable leashes and aversive training tools (ie choker, prong collar, shock collars) are not allowed in our training classes. Abusive and harsh behaviours towards your dog will not be tolerated in the training classes.

12. SuperNova reserves all rights to use any photographs & video recordings of SuperNova’s students & their dogs in any form of publicity and promotional materials & media.

13. SuperNova reserves all rights to re-schedule any lesson as deemed necessary. Students are allowed to postpone their lessons TWICE only. There will be no make-up lessons for students who are absent from class. However, we will either do a short revision or send a video clip to students who have missed the previous session/s.
Students are to complete the training program within 3mths after the start of the program. There will be no refund or transfer of course fees for the above cases.

14. Only owner/handler and the dog(s) that is enrolled for the class are allowed into the school/Training ground. For agility participants, you are expected to help out with the set-up & packing of the agility equipments.

15. No videography or/and photography is allowed during the training lessons without the approval of SuperNova.

16. It is mandatory that the owner clear and pick up all their dog’s poos, wipe the pee, and keep the training premises clean at all times.

17. SuperNova reserves all rights to remove any owner who do not comply to the above conditions. There will be strictly no refund for the above offenders.

18. I further agree that this Agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore and this Agreement is legally binding for this and any subsequent classes that I attend.