We are expanding! This is the 1st time ever that we are hiring dog trainers for our training programs.

If you are passionate to work with dogs,

If you believe strongly in training dogs with positive training techniques only,

If you advocate positive training techniques and wish to promote to more dog owners,

If you have the patience, determination & maturity to do the best for the welfare and trainings of the dogs under your charge,


Hiring Positions:

  1. Dog Talent Instructor
  2. Nosework Instructor
  3. Disc Dog Instructor
  4. Dog Dancing Instructor
  5. Treibball Instructor
  6. Dog Parklour Instructor
  7. Dog Fitness & Rehab Instructor
  8. Puppy Class Instructor


  1. Applicants must be 21yrs old and above
  2. Holds a certificate or diploma issued by a recognized force free / positive dog training academy or issued by A.Dog Trainers Academy & SuperNova Dog Sports Academy
  3. For some positions, 1-2yrs experience in the trials will be preferred
  4. Experience in dog handling and training will be preferred

Interested applicants, email us at asksupernovasg@gmail.com with the following details:

  1. Your particulars (Name, Contact, Age)
  2. Why you think we should hire you
  3. Why you believe in and want to promote positive trainings
  4. Send us your dog training certificate or diploma
  5. Attached a video of you teaching a dog a new behaviour in the field that you are applying for