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Here we teach you how to train your dog using positive reward-based techniques so as to build a good relationship with your dog based on trust, well being and understanding.

Shanice Tan
Chief Trainer

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Their agility classes are great fun! Highly recommended if you have an active and energetic dog.
Wendy JF Low
Wendy JF L.
06:33 27 Oct 20
Engaged Shanice for behaviour training. My 3 year old cavapoo somehow got traumatised by motorcycles and could not stop lunging whenever they go by. It made her stressed and me stressed too. By the end of 5 weeks of training through positive reinforcement (we stood at a junction and waited for motorcycles to go by, the with Shanice guiding us on the importance of the timing of command and reward) , Now when my dog sees a motorcycle approaching, she would look at me instead of of wanting to lunge at the motorcycle. Overall, I feel much more confident in bringing my dog for her walks and just understanding where her fears are. Really thanks to Shanice!
Julie Xie
Julie X.
12:45 23 Oct 20
Thank you Shanice for your guidance and great tips for solving the challenges from a first time furkid parent! Tori has grown to be more courageous and confident to socialize with other dogs and humans! We will miss you so do drop by our place if you are around Kovan!
Charlene Ng
Charlene N.
01:06 06 Oct 20
I can’t be grateful enough for SuperNova Academy and the loving dog trainer, Joy Neo☺️❤️When my Viola turned to 3.5 months old two months ago, she became so energetic that I could not take a control of her. As I have no experience of dogs, I was completely at a loss...However, thanks to Joy’s cheerful and reliable character and the 100% fear free method she used, Viola and me have become more confident, I could understand Viola well and absolutely enjoyed all her training sessions!!! More importantly, Viola loves Joy and behaves much better now☘️Thank you SuperNova for sending us such a wonderful trainer! I highly recommend SuperNova Academy for everyone looking for a dog trainer.
Sayaka Tada
Sayaka T.
13:12 02 Oct 20
Supernova is a great dog school! We had private Training with Joy and it was a very pleasant experience for the dog and for us. Joy is very knowledgable, explains very well and the dog loved her. She is always helpful even in between or after classes and helped with non curriculum topics as well. Would recommend SuperNova and especially Joy anytime!
Laura Laura
Laura L.
15:55 29 Sep 20

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