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Here we teach you how to train your dog using positive reward-based techniques so as to build a good relationship with your dog based on trust, well being and understanding.

Shanice Tan
Chief Trainer

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Shanice has helped us with a private 121 training for our adopted Border Collie, Bailey.The classes were tailored to our needs.One of the best / most memorable training session was the car training session. We used to not be able to control Bailey in the car as he gets really excited with motorcycles, moving objects & when the car reverses.Now, I am able to drive alone with just Bailey in the car without my husband! Bailey has certainly matured & is a lot more manageable now after training with Shanice. 🙂
Lorraine Peh
Lorraine P.
09:52 13 Jan 22
Enrolled my puppy for a 8 week 1x1 training with Shanice. She was very patient and knowledgeable with lots of good advice on how to train him. She also gets on really well with my puppy who enjoys the weekly lessons.
SH Lim
03:18 06 Jan 22
We enrolled Finn, our border collie, in the Good Canine Citizen course when he was about 4 months old. Shanice & Jenna, our trainers, are genuine, down-to-earth trainers who give practical feedback and solutions. They shared with us their experience raising BC puppies and how to navigate these challenging months. Their positive reinforcement training techniques really do strengthen the bond that we have with our puppy and make training sessions enjoyable! The curriculum covered was all useful obedience that is very relevant in real life contexts. Thank you Supernova and Shanice & Jenna! 😊
Leon Teh
Leon T.
02:47 27 Dec 21
After a rough start looking for a Project Adore-certified trainer, we’re so glad to have found Joy. As Vader is a very fearful Singapore Special, I was initially concerned that he would not react well to training, even if they were private sessions. But to my surprise, he took to Joy, was taking her treats the first time they met and could respond to her cues during our subsequent sessions - a big step for a dog so afraid of everything.Beyond equipping us with foundational management skills, Joy was also really interested and invested in helping Vader come out of his shell, proposing different toys, places and methods we could try to help him find his joy. She was always on hand for us to reach out to and showed real care for him, which I really appreciated as a first-time owner of an anxious dog. Through the sessions, we’ve learnt positive reinforcement methods to help him cope with his fear and to better read his body language.Vader’s still very much a work in progress, but we’re so thankful to Joy for going beyond by-the-book training and focusing instead on helping him live his best doggo life. Would recommend Joy if you’re looking for a positive and dedicated trainer who will put the fun in training for your dogs!
Elissa Loi
Elissa L.
06:15 12 Dec 21
I decided to engage Supernova for my pomsky’s training as I know they can slightly difficult to train as compared to other breed. 🤔I’m glad to say that Shanice has been a wonderful trainer to Skyla. Her loving guidance has taught me how to properly handle a pomsky. She is very patient and concise when it comes to the training. I like that she records our sessions and sends it back me so that I can review it on days when I need a reminder on what areas we should practice more, etc. Shanice is also very knowledgeable when it comes to the care of dogs, always answering my queries and willing shares her viewpoint on doggy matters. Skyla has grown to close to Shanice during our 8 sessions and enjoys her time thoroughly. I definitely recommend Shanice and SuperNova for their Comprehensive Good Canine Citizen course. You won’t go wrong with a good trainer 👍🏻Thank you Shanice for devoting your time to Skyla 🐶 and imparting your doggy wisdom to me 🙋🏻‍♀️
Beatrice Chow
Beatrice C.
12:07 09 Dec 21

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