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Here we teach you how to train your dog using positive reward-based techniques so as to build a good relationship with your dog based on trust, well being and understanding.

Shanice Tan
Chief Trainer

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I started the private training with Joy when my dog, Milo was 10mths old which was considered pretty late already. Milo was very stubborn and a very anxious dog to begin with. Joy was very patient with Milo and although He was quite a challenge at the beginning, Joy was able make Milo trust her completely and enjoyed her presence in the house. Joy was very encouraging and sometimes the training went beyond the stipulated time as Milo required a bit more guidance. She also went the extra mile by following me to walk Milo after i raised my concerns over Milo’s sudden aggressive behaviour towards other dogs. She was encouraging and assured me that nothing is wrong with Milo and taught me how to handle the situation better. With the training, Milo is so much better now! I highly recommend SuperNova to anyone who wishes to have their pup (in my case, dog) trained. Thank you Joy.
Blyss Kwong
Blyss K.
14:09 18 Apr 20
My pup Winter started his private home training in January with Chief Trainer - Shanice! Shanice is very friendly and approachable! Her methods of teaching is very effective and positive. We had many questions and she is always responsive and open to answer our doubts. With her help we have also corrected our pup's potty habits which was our number 1 worry. We recently moved into our new home and with Shanice's advice, our pup was able to recognise his toilet without any potty mistakes. Like everything else, it takes two hands to clap! Shanice always reminds us to not 100% depend on her trainings but us owners to also reinforce with our pup at home to ensure consistency and improvements! We have completed the course in March. Thank You Shanice for your guidance!!! 💙
Ashleigh Kueh
Ashleigh K.
04:51 08 Apr 20
Trainer Joy is super patient! She is very sharp in identifying any issues with the training and always gives good feedback on how to tackle each issue in a bitesize manner. Class with her is always a Joy!
Chen Yilin
Chen Y.
06:43 05 Apr 20
Joy, our trainer, made every training so much fun for our pup. Being first time pawrents of a puppy, we didnt know what to expect. Joy was always patient and generous in sharing her knowledge (even when it is outside of the stipulated curriculum). Our pup adores her for her endless treats too! Would definitely recommend her to our friends :)Looking forward to more classes with SuperNova after the covid situation.
Soen Wee
Soen W.
05:29 01 Apr 20
My furkid just completed the Good Canine Citizen & had shown tremendous improvements in his behaviour & temper. Thumb up for Trainer Joy who provide great supports, guidance & positive energy overload throughout the 8 weeks, be it during or after classes
Jasmine Ho
Jasmine H.
06:28 31 Mar 20

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