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Here we teach you how to train your dog using positive reward-based techniques so as to build a good relationship with your dog based on trust, well being and understanding.

Shanice Tan
Chief Trainer

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Amy is a wonderful and passionate trainer to our pup, Rainie! She has been great help in guiding us how to manage her behaviour, and also guiding us to understanding her temperament better. She is also very understanding towards our hectic schedule, and scheduled our classes accordingly. Under her guidance, Rainie is now more obedient pup, learning more and more each day!
Daniel Fong
Daniel F.
14:34 20 Jul 21
We had shanice as our trainer and we have learnt much from her on how to train our dog positively. Guinness has become much closer to us after we follow up with her methods of positive reinforcement continuously and she’s always very encouraging when we’re nt sure of what to do, esp as first time dog owners. As our dog was initially very skittish when we first got him under project adore, it took abit more time for shanice to demonstrate to us how to walk him and patiently addressed our concerns. Thanks again!!
Simin Yang
Simin Y.
07:47 18 Jul 21
We were so excited to start off this journey with Trainer Joy when she was assigned to us. Every training lessons were filled with Joy and Laughter, training our puppy have never been easier. The importance of positive reinforcement were emphasized and we as owners believed in that as well. Thank you for helping us during her puppy phase and we will continue to use positive reinforcement to train her and be better owners for Luna. Trainer Joy have been nothing but caring towards her clients. She’s always so ready to help and so approachable under any circumstance. Thank you so much! ❤️
Lim Hai Qi
Lim Hai Q.
03:29 16 Jul 21
Amy Tan was truly a god sent when we adopted our puppy Luna. We have never owned a dog before so having her by our side and guiding us through the initial period was exactly what we needed to become confident in ourselves and Luna. Our puppy transformed from being an uncontrollable fuzz ball to responding to commands and being a responsible canine citizen. Thank you so much Amy! Would recommend Amy to anyone with a puppy. It is definitely worth doing this course with your puppy especially if you have never owned a dog before.
Elena Tsvetkova
Elena T.
05:12 14 Jul 21
Our puppy Luna recently completed the private Good Canine Citizen course with Joy and we highly recommend her to all new puppy owners! As first time dog owners, Joy thoroughly allayed our fears and concerns on raising Luna and gave us the confidence to train her, answering all our questions comprehensively and promptly, even on Whatsapp outside of class time. We enjoyed every lesson and absolutely loved the strong focus on positive training. Luna was also boarded at Joy's for a weekend when we were away and we couldn't have trusted a better person to take care of her. Joy made the effort to ensure that Luna was well-taken care of and sufficiently entertained, even arranging playdates for Luna to socialise more. We also loved that Joy sent us so many photos and videos of Luna to keep us updated while we were away. Luna is now a lot more responsive to us and can come to us when called outside. Thanks Joy!
Jeslyn Chionh
Jeslyn C.
10:05 12 Jul 21

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