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Here we teach you how to train your dog using positive reward-based techniques so as to build a good relationship with your dog based on trust, well being and understanding.

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Highly recommend Joy! Being first time dog owners, we were stressed out when we first brought Cookie home at 3 months old. Joy has been extremely patient with all our questions and has given us helpful tips to better train our puppy. What really worked well was Joy’s live demo, followed by assisting us to make sure we got the foundations right, to even encouraging follow ups and updates over WhatsApp. It’s comforting to know what Joy will be there when we need professional advice, and she is so willing to help! Very thankful we managed to bring Joy along the past few months to see Cookie grow. Joy is clearly passionate in what she does, and you can see that come through during her trainings and interactions with dogs. Cookie will definitely miss seeing Joy’s familiar face but thankful for the training as always!
Hilda Yow
Hilda Y.
15:49 21 May 22
When we got our puppy we were recommended to do a basic puppy course with Supernova. I contacted them and they were very clear and professional in their reply. We first met for a try and it immediately clicked, both with Loki, our Golden Retriever, and myself. Shanice was very clear in how we should train our pup to become a well behaved dog. We had eight private classes in which we covered the basics and it has been such a good investment. Loki is now 8 months old and listens very well for his age. We might not be the most strict with training, but Loki picks new things up very well and because of training with Supernova we know how to handle if we want to learn him something new. I can definitely recommend them to anyone as they genuinely care about the dogs and using positive reinforcement to let them become good canine citizens!
Mascha Peeters
Mascha P.
13:54 18 May 22
I have signed up my pup for the good canine class . I almost pulled her out from the class, before the first practical lesson as my pup is skittish. I was worried that she might be too stressed to learn anything with all the unfamiliar faces and “trapped” in an enclosed area. Shanice encouraged me to give my pup a chance to try. I heed her advice and unexpectedly, my pup was comfortable with Shanice and others during her first lesson. She even let Shanice hold her leash and followed her instructions in the subsequent lessons. Shanice is a nice and approachable trainer with a big heart for dogs. She advocates positive enforcement training for your pups too!
Ad Lee
Ad L.
12:56 30 Mar 22
Good training with lots of tips specific to my pup
Cheryl Lee
Cheryl L.
00:04 03 Mar 22
What do I recommend about SuperNova International Dog Sports Academy?Ans: ShaniceI did a lot of research, read a lot reviews and recommendations on which Dog Trainer to engage before I decide on SuperNova and am glad that I made the right decision!Shanice has trained me well on understanding how my then 5mth o’ pup-kid learns and his perceptions on my movements, gestures and tone. Both my boy and I are very comfortable with her. She has both people and puppy skills! My pup loves her lots and that says it all! 😄 Always excited when he sees her and I can tell that he loves and enjoys every lesson!We have completed the training and the bond between my boy and I have grown stronger than before! Hope my boy is as proud of his mommy just as I am proud of my smart and confident boy! 🤣Thank you, Shanice for your patience and guidance! Will certainly look for you for Agility lessons when he turns 9mth!
Violette Goh
Violette G.
21:05 25 Feb 22

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