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Here we teach you how to train your dog using positive reward-based techniques so as to build a good relationship with your dog based on trust, well being and understanding.

Shanice Tan
Chief Trainer

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As first-time owners, I felt more comfortable engaging a professional as there are many different opinions on training methods, what's best, what’s not etc. There're also many things along the way that we don't know that we don’t know.Joy was recommended to us by a friend and we're so so so glad that we entrusted Truffle (and our obedience training journey) to her! It was crucial to have someone who is aligned with us on methods, beliefs and goals. More importantly, Truffle loves Joy from day 1 and it made the 8 lessons so much more fun and easier!Joy carries a very positive energy, is very encouraging, and willing to teach and try new methods according to Truffle's needs. Can tell that she genuinely cares about Truffle’s well-being and development, and she answers our questions as promptly as possible and through sharing her personal experiences.The Good Canine Citizen course taught us about dog behaviour, communication, handling, socialisation, basic obedience and cues etc. As we engaged private training, there was one-to-one attention on Truffle's behaviour and how we train. Joy sent us videos after each session so we can see for ourselves what was done right or what can be improved. The training has also helped us spot behaviours / signs prior to an "offense", which helped minimise / prevent Truffle from being attacked or from being overstimulated which could also unintentionally trigger other dogs. This means that we can pull Truffle away before anything happens.Training is an ongoing process and takes 3 hands to clap - trainer, us and the pup! We started when Truffle was about 4mo and while Joy has helped built a strong foundation for us, it doesn't stop after we obtained the certificate. It will take a lot of patience and consistency, and we'll continue to work hard on his training progress!
Jocelyn Tan
Jocelyn T.
11:19 29 Nov 21
Shanice helped to organise and run a group training session for a group of us with our dogs. She was very patient, helpful and professional.She explained the sessions very clearly and guides each owner on how to handle the different difficulties each dog faced. When we struggled with some commands, Shanice patiently suggested various different ways to go about the training. Shanice encouraged the use of positive reinforcement in all her approaches, never got impatient and didn't force us or the dogs to do anything we were struggling with.She made a lot of effort to ensure that she gave the different dogs the attention they required for the training. She even brought an additional trainer, Valerie, to assist in giving all the dogs the attention they needed.While we have to continue with the training on our own, we can definitely see the results of training Korra and we are very happy with it!Thank you very much Shanice!
Arian Yu Kai Yan
Arian Yu Kai Y.
09:30 21 Nov 21
We loved coming for the dog obedience class for our SS Amber. Shanice has genuine care for dogs under her program to turn them into good canine citizens. Highly recommended.
Kat Masbang Manalang
Kat Masbang M.
21:17 20 Nov 21
Shanice is a patient, nurturing and experienced dog trainer. She’s flexible to tailor a programme to target specific needs for my border collie.
Ann Lee
Ann L.
12:33 15 Nov 21
Shanice is a very experienced & sharing, thoughtful trainer. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a dog trainer
Kim Quah
Kim Q.
12:23 15 Nov 21

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