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Here we teach you how to train your dog using positive reward-based techniques so as to build a good relationship with your dog based on trust, well being and understanding.

Shanice Tan
Chief Trainer

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Chose Shanice to help train the newest member of the family who is a miniature dachshund as he is having problem potty training. Shanice is patient and always there to answer all the problems and questions that we have and faced. Will recommend SuperNova to anyone who is facing problem with their pup too!
Benedict Peh
Benedict P.
12:47 26 Apr 21
Cosmo and I are extremely lucky to have been introduced to Joy. We had 6 private lessons and 2 group lessons with her. Cosmo is a Border Collie (M) and was 3 months old when he started his training.Joy is one of the warmest and kindest souls I’ve met and her love for dogs is unparalleled. Cosmo and I really looked forward to our trainings with her. With Joy’s patience and guidance, she helped us reverse many bad habits Cosmo had picked up and taught him basic obedience cues through positive reinforcement. She was happy to answer any questions we had and made sure to recap each lesson via text.Would definitely recommend Joy to anyone looking to train their dog ◡̈
Sophia Christelle Yaokasin Ong
Sophia Christelle Yaokasin O.
17:18 24 Apr 21
Signed up for agility class with Pearlene for my SS Lucky. Pearlene is very patient and knowledgeable. We always have a recap from the last session and and the class is conducted based on what Lucky was comfortable for the day. I can see Lucky gaining confidence and am glad he enjoys his lessons.
Nicole Chai
Nicole C.
14:25 20 Apr 21
When I first received the flyer for a complimentary dog training class after getting getting our first pup, I just chug it nonchalantly into my bag.After just two days, we were desperate for some help as there were so many issues we need advice on.We were extremely lucky to be assigned to trainer Joy Neo. Joy listens patiently to all our concerns, and nothing is too trivial to her. Under her guidance, chocolate grows to be more confident, learning to potty, listens to basic commands, takes her first steps out of the house when she used to be so fearful and goes for short walks outdoors under joy’s encouragement. Chocolate is now really fond of Joy, and gets super excited attending her classes and daycare.If you are looking for a trainer who uses positive training techniques and shows genuine care and patience for your furry pal, we strongly recommend Joy!
Angeline Qiu
Angeline Q.
07:00 19 Apr 21
I worked with Joy from SuperNova to train Tosca, the new member of our small family along with my partner. Joy is a pleasure to work with. Her patience and perseverance is second to none and add to that, her professionalism and knowledge is very commendable. I highly recommend working with SuperNova and if you get the chance, definitely Joy will be the best person to work with!
Cyprus Malinao
Cyprus M.
05:20 18 Apr 21

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