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Here we teach you how to train your dog using positive reward-based techniques so as to build a good relationship with your dog based on trust, well being and understanding.

Shanice Tan
Chief Trainer

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Thank you Shanice and Boon Fong during the training sessions with my pup, Tofu, graduating on 6 Sep 20! Both Shanice and Boon Fong are very approachable during lessons. Besides learning the usual dog commands during class, Shanice also spends time understanding the temperament of each dog during class and provides advice on what each owner can do to ensure their pups grow up to be a well behaved doggy 😊 The training sessions really provide first time pawrents a good foundation on how to handle/train their doggies. Enjoyed all 8 sessions 🙃Would not hesitate to recommend this class!!
Soohwee Ng
Soohwee N.
10:12 16 Sep 20
Thank you SuperNova chief trainer Shanice and also Boon Fong for the wonderful 8 sessions of obedience training. It is definitely beneficial for us as first time pawrents to understand how to handle our lovely boy. Shanice and Boon Fong are excellent trainers sharing valuable skills and always ready to offer our doggy with yummy treats to help him focus in class. SuperNova👍👍👍
Sharren Xiu Er
Sharren Xiu E.
12:21 12 Sep 20
Shanice believes in positive training with treats and it allows us to calm and get our dog to focus. This allows us our dog to be in a stress free environment and enjoy the processes. Thank you.
Jon Hugues Teo
Jon Hugues T.
13:19 11 Sep 20
My dog Baccio just completed his basic obedience class to be a good canine citizen with trainer Shanice. She has always been very patient using positive trainings n has been very flexible regarding my requests working out a package that works for my dog. Baccio is a hyper puppy n it has not been easy to train him from the beginning. I am grateful to Shanice for sharing her tricks n training tips during lessons with her. Friends have commented that Baccio is more well behaved now! Looking forward to agility classes next with Supernova. Thank you so much !
Patricia Tee
Patricia T.
12:32 11 Sep 20
Shanice is my dog's trainer and she was so patient towards him and even give a lot of recommendations to me to help overcome his fear. She is really very nice and helpful. I am so glad to engage her as my dog's trainer and would strongly recommend dog owners to engage her for training.
Liaw Jinfeng
Liaw J.
13:32 25 Jul 20

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