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Here we teach you how to train your dog using positive reward-based techniques so as to build a good relationship with your dog based on trust, well being and understanding.

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We are first timer dog owners and we’re so glad that we had Joy as our trainer for our pup Lokie! Joy is without a doubt, a very passionate and enthusiastic trainer, she’s provided us with so many useful tips and knowledge to guide us in understanding our puppy so much better, we wouldn’t know what to do without her! The training was fun and engaging with continuous focus on positive reinforcement. Lokie has since become more obedient and our bond between each other has strengthened immensely with Joy’s help. Definitely recommend Joy from supernova for anyone looking for their furkids obedience training. Thank you so much Joy, you really bring joy throughout this journey for us & Lokie! 💖☺️🤩✨
Claudia Velda
Claudia V.
06:41 10 Oct 21
Started researching obedience classes as soon as I brought home my boy and signed up with SuperNova as soon as the trial homestay with my SS boy ended!Shanice was super helpful replying my questions over WhatsApp. She was flexible and able to accommodate my schedule for the training.He is able to perform basic commands as early as the first lesson 😬😬😬Extremely extremely enjoyed the lessons, Shanice was always super patient and kind to my boy Dash and he always has fun and is on his best behaviour for her.Shanice shared many valuable opinions, giving me confidence that Dash will be a good boy with continued practise!I am loving the philosophy of reward-based training and this is one of my best decisions I’ve made!Today, my boy is a proud graduate of SuperNova’s Comprehensive Good Canine Citizen! ❤️All the best to your future endeavours, Shanice!
Sabrina Ng
Sabrina N.
16:05 07 Oct 21
When we first got our border collie Bailey, she was only 2.5 months and super hyper! Of course we’d researched on the breed beforehand, but no amount of reading could prepare us for what’s to come.After combing the web for dog trainers, I found Supernova dog academy and found that their chief trainer is a border collie owner herself. Since she had the experience of the breed, and Bailey hasn’t received her 3rd vax, we decided to engage Shanice for private home training. Some of the issues Bailey had were chasing cars, humans, cyclists, barking/lunging at strangers outside, barking at certain members of the household/visitors, fear of loud noises, etc. A lot of these issues came up impromptu, thankfully Shanice was always available via WhatsApp to guide us on how to handle the situations. Shanice always came from a place of kindness and understanding towards our puppy’s behaviour. Her gentle and positive methods allowed Bailey to place her trust in us and overcome most of her behavioral issues. On top of that, we learnt some basic obedience which we found useful in every day life.After graduating from the class, I’d say that Bailey has overcome her fears (we never expected her to stop chasing cars so quickly!), and we as owners have come to understand our puppy better and how to manage undesired situations. Thank you so much Shanice!
Qingwan Kuah
Qingwan K.
10:09 29 Sep 21
We had Joy as Sky's (Golden Retriever) trainer and we seriously enjoyed every session as much as Sky. We suspect that Sky definitely loves her more than us. Her no-fear methods works very well for Sky's calm and docile demeanor, with outbursts of irritating behaviours that we didnt correct before Joy. The sessions were personalized to Sky's learning and we were always along with the journey, updated with videos, recommendations of how to correct our commands etc. There can not be any better trainer and would highly recommend (and have recommended) Joy as well as Supernova for any dog training that you are looking to compare. Sky still licks her all over whenever he sees her and I am sure in Sky's mind, she is his BFF cos she always reaffirms him with excited "YES!" "Good Boy!" "Sky is so Handsome!". Joy is a joy to be with. 😍
Dex Tan
Dex T.
06:15 17 Sep 21
We booked SuperNova and Joy was our trainer. Training was a treat for Rowan and he definitely adored her. Joy was patient and encouraging and she sent video clips of what we have done so that we can review and work on what was taught in each session. we definitely learned the skills and tips to begin the journey of obedience training. I won’t hesitate to recommend Joy.
Gan Hup Tony
Gan Hup T.
01:36 17 Sep 21

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