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Amy Tan
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Amy is the team leader for our agility division. She is an avid dog lover, having a strong love for dog agility. She is currently a UKI judge and had been a volunteered trainer with the Singapore Kennel Club more than a decade ago. Loves to share with people of similar likes. She will do anything for dogs as they are the most faithful companion of her life. Joining SuperNova Academy as a volunteer agility trainer, she looks forward to engaging more dog owners and their dogs about dog agility. She will be helping out with our dog agility classes. Currently, she is also training her young and hyper border collie, Ponyo in agility. Amy is currently upgrading herself in a comprehensive dog trainer program under The Academy For Dog Trainers.

Terence Ong
Terence O.
13:49 28 May 22
Amy was an excellent trainer for agility training.Taught me and my dog to perform tricks till sadly i had to pull oreo out of training due to health issues else i would continue the training with oreo.
Nicole Tan
Nicole T.
05:41 28 Jul 21
Thank you Amy for the patience with MiMi, training and helping us guide her to become more obedient ! With MiMi's cheeky and naughty side, it is definitely not easy but Amy always guide us step by step professionally.MiMi can now do better walks and little tricks, and will continue to train her ☺️
Daniel Fong
Daniel F.
14:34 20 Jul 21
Amy is a wonderful and passionate trainer to our pup, Rainie! She has been great help in guiding us how to manage her behaviour, and also guiding us to understanding her temperament better. She is also very understanding towards our hectic schedule, and scheduled our classes accordingly. Under her guidance, Rainie is now more obedient pup, learning more and more each day!
Elena Tsvetkova
Elena T.
05:12 14 Jul 21
Amy Tan was truly a god sent when we adopted our puppy Luna. We have never owned a dog before so having her by our side and guiding us through the initial period was exactly what we needed to become confident in ourselves and Luna. Our puppy transformed from being an uncontrollable fuzz ball to responding to commands and being a responsible canine citizen. Thank you so much Amy! Would recommend Amy to anyone with a puppy. It is definitely worth doing this course with your puppy especially if you have never owned a dog before.
Tan Ting Yu
Tan Ting Y.
14:53 28 Jun 21
Sky trained with Amy for 8 lessons, and has improved quite a bit! Amy is knowledgeable, patient and skilled at showing both the pupper and the owner how to train to get results. Amy also provides a post-lesson write up with instructions on how to proceed with the training. Pretty good exp overall. Thanks Amy!
Rick Stephen
Rick S.
09:01 27 Jun 21
we had Amy Tan train our dog for the past 10 weeks but was interrupted with Covid so did 8 weeks.Amy fully understands the personalities of the dogs in her group and is able to work a program to suit each dog. Scoop learnt a lot with Amy and still has a long way to go, we will be back to see how far he can go as he loves the work.thank you Amy 😊
Michael de W
Michael de W
09:59 01 Mar 21
Amy Tan was such a wonderful trainer. It was all positivity, patience and consistency. We nicknamed Amy the dog whisperer. Our dog loves his pen and so happy when we train him. Thank you
Aris Toh
Aris T.
10:56 05 Jan 21
Highly recommend the good canine course. Amy gave great tips on how to communicate with my dog. My jack Russell puppy probably feels better understood now and hence, behaves better (most of the times, that is..) 😄🙏🏼
Sandra Vincent
Sandra V.
13:08 16 Jun 19
Ollie had a great training session with Supernova! the trainer Amy was patient and so incredible with our little pup. She shared several usual strategies and ways to engage and encourage good behaviour in the dog. thank you so much for this incredible experience! I highly recommend the agility training sessions!! 🙂
Wesley Yim
Wesley Y.
10:30 13 Dec 18
I am quite picky when it comes to choosing trainers and I have no regrets choosing Supernova. The trainers here are knowledgeable and helpful. Always encouraging us to do better and are able to offer valuable insight into improving our skills and handling techniques.Since joining Supernova's Competitive Agility class, my Japanese Spitz has gone on to qualify in 3 agility trials with 1st placing and attained her first agility title, SSB. I credit this greatly to the training and guidance received from Supernova's agility trainers; Ween Sze, Amy, Michelle, and Shanice! If you are looking to try agility out, I would definitely recommend Supernova as they have a good, structured training programme that will give you solid foundations and amazing trainers who will bring out the best in you.
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