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Joy Neo
SuperNova Certified Trainer

Growing up, Joy had lots of pets – from hamsters, chicks, guinea pigs to dogs but nothing is comparable to the love she feels especially towards dogs.

In December 2017, 2 months old Tobi came into her life. He was a very sick puppy diagnosed with Babesia and was born with an umbilical hernia so huge it was deadly. She instantly felt the connection with him and ever since then, he has been her strongest motivation and inspiration. That’s how she got drawn to being a Dog Trainer.

Next came Dash in February 2019 who was a puppy who struggled with many fear issues. He was the one who truly reminded her the impact R+ Dog Training can have, especially towards fearful dogs.

She strongly believes in the fact that dogs should be trained using only positive methods which helps strengthen the relationship between human and canine. She hopes to educate as many people as possible that R+ Dog Training is the only way to go and give every dog an opportunity to be trained humanely, allowing them to grow more confident.

Joy has completed her Fear Free Animal Trainer Certification program and is a Certified Fear Free Professional. She is also a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) from The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers®️ (CCPDT®️).

Elissa Loi
Elissa L.
06:15 12 Dec 21
After a rough start looking for a Project Adore-certified trainer, we’re so glad to have found Joy. As Vader is a very fearful Singapore Special, I was initially concerned that he would not react well to training, even if they were private sessions. But to my surprise, he took to Joy, was taking her treats the first time they met and could respond to her cues during our subsequent sessions - a big step for a dog so afraid of everything.Beyond equipping us with foundational management skills, Joy was also really interested and invested in helping Vader come out of his shell, proposing different toys, places and methods we could try to help him find his joy. She was always on hand for us to reach out to and showed real care for him, which I really appreciated as a first-time owner of an anxious dog. Through the sessions, we’ve learnt positive reinforcement methods to help him cope with his fear and to better read his body language.Vader’s still very much a work in progress, but we’re so thankful to Joy for going beyond by-the-book training and focusing instead on helping him live his best doggo life. Would recommend Joy if you’re looking for a positive and dedicated trainer who will put the fun in training for your dogs!
Teri Yap
Teri Y.
13:29 17 Oct 21
Our 6 months old pomsky Guinness completed his Good Canine Citizen group training with trainer Joy from Supernova. We highly recommend Joy as she is extremely patient, cheerful, knowledgeable and helpful. She constantly updates and provides us with information that will help us understand our dogs better. She is always very encouraging and it makes training with her very enjoyable.Guinness loves Joy and is always so excited to see her for training every week. We are so glad to have trained with Joy. If you are looking for a trustable training school, SuperNova will definitely be a right choice.
Claudia Velda
Claudia V.
06:41 10 Oct 21
We are first timer dog owners and we’re so glad that we had Joy as our trainer for our pup Lokie! Joy is without a doubt, a very passionate and enthusiastic trainer, she’s provided us with so many useful tips and knowledge to guide us in understanding our puppy so much better, we wouldn’t know what to do without her! The training was fun and engaging with continuous focus on positive reinforcement. Lokie has since become more obedient and our bond between each other has strengthened immensely with Joy’s help. Definitely recommend Joy from supernova for anyone looking for their furkids obedience training. Thank you so much Joy, you really bring joy throughout this journey for us & Lokie! 💖☺️🤩✨
Dex Tan
Dex T.
06:15 17 Sep 21
We had Joy as Sky's (Golden Retriever) trainer and we seriously enjoyed every session as much as Sky. We suspect that Sky definitely loves her more than us. Her no-fear methods works very well for Sky's calm and docile demeanor, with outbursts of irritating behaviours that we didnt correct before Joy. The sessions were personalized to Sky's learning and we were always along with the journey, updated with videos, recommendations of how to correct our commands etc. There can not be any better trainer and would highly recommend (and have recommended) Joy as well as Supernova for any dog training that you are looking to compare. Sky still licks her all over whenever he sees her and I am sure in Sky's mind, she is his BFF cos she always reaffirms him with excited "YES!" "Good Boy!" "Sky is so Handsome!". Joy is a joy to be with. 😍
Ong Xin Ying
Ong Xin Y.
15:43 19 Aug 21
From the first consultation we had with Joy, we were super impressed by her knowledge, positivity, clarity and kindness that she shared with us. We initially only wanted to do 1 consultation but our first meeting with Joy totally changed our minds because we could see how training with her can help us bond with our new little puppy (Taffy, 4 month old then) and how we can better prepare ourselves as first time pawrents ☺️ Every training session was such a pleasure and little Taffy (not so little anymore) certainly enjoyed them as much as we did! We did our trainings diligently and were very pleased when our efforts paid off! This wouldn’t have been possible without Joy’s advice and guidance! We are so fortunate to have gotten Joy as our trainer as she was professional in her training and was always open to any questions we had! Really appreciate her going the extra mile to help us with issues we initially had (eg bite inhibition, afraid of cars etc) which were not part of the Good Canine Citizen Course but Joy still took the time and effort to help us! Our Taffy today is the goooooodest boy (in my eyes 🤪), super well loved and a happy Good Canine Citizen! Thanks Joy!
Jeslyn Chionh
Jeslyn C.
10:05 12 Jul 21
Our puppy Luna recently completed the private Good Canine Citizen course with Joy and we highly recommend her to all new puppy owners! As first time dog owners, Joy thoroughly allayed our fears and concerns on raising Luna and gave us the confidence to train her, answering all our questions comprehensively and promptly, even on Whatsapp outside of class time. We enjoyed every lesson and absolutely loved the strong focus on positive training. Luna was also boarded at Joy's for a weekend when we were away and we couldn't have trusted a better person to take care of her. Joy made the effort to ensure that Luna was well-taken care of and sufficiently entertained, even arranging playdates for Luna to socialise more. We also loved that Joy sent us so many photos and videos of Luna to keep us updated while we were away. Luna is now a lot more responsive to us and can come to us when called outside. Thanks Joy!
Jermaine Pan
Jermaine P.
14:52 25 Jun 21
We had 4 sessions with trainer Joy and absolutely enjoyed them! Highly recommend. She has been very patient and loving towards Peanut and has been very clear in her teachings to ensure we know the best ways to help Peanut learn. Her positive reinforcement methods have been beneficial for Peanut’s learning. She is also always open to answering our questions outside of the sessions on different situations and observations on Peanut. This has helped us understand Peanut better and strengthened our relationship with him too. Thank you Joy for all your help!
Nicole Chai
Nicole C.
14:25 20 Apr 21
Signed up for agility class with Pearlene for my SS Lucky. Pearlene is very patient and knowledgeable. We always have a recap from the last session and and the class is conducted based on what Lucky was comfortable for the day. I can see Lucky gaining confidence and am glad he enjoys his lessons.
Kath Teu
Kath T.
04:14 13 Mar 21
After the first few weeks when we had 3.5mth old Kozy, my 10yr old daughter started the training with Joy. Both Kozy and Megan enjoyed the training sessions with Joy's cheerful style. As parent, we benefited from the structural sessions and also got Kozy on a proper diet with Joy's recommendation.From other experienced dog owners we met, many had commended Kozy being well trained at such young age and positively praised Megan for her ability to handle the puppy. Huge kudos to Joy!I've already recommended Joy to friends who are exploring training for their puppies and will continue to recommend to more. 😊
Celeste Tan
Celeste T.
11:25 10 Mar 21
I’ve attended the trainings conducted by Wilson. He was patient and knowledgeable. My Singapore Special and I enjoyed his sessions. 👍🏻
Sayaka Tada
Sayaka T.
13:12 02 Oct 20
I can’t be grateful enough for SuperNova Academy and the loving dog trainer, Joy Neo☺️❤️When my Viola turned to 3.5 months old two months ago, she became so energetic that I could not take a control of her. As I have no experience of dogs, I was completely at a loss...However, thanks to Joy’s cheerful and reliable character and the 100% fear free method she used, Viola and me have become more confident, I could understand Viola well and absolutely enjoyed all her training sessions!!! More importantly, Viola loves Joy and behaves much better now☘️Thank you SuperNova for sending us such a wonderful trainer! I highly recommend SuperNova Academy for everyone looking for a dog trainer.
Vidhya Segar
Vidhya S.
03:58 27 Sep 20
Thank you joy for such a fun and informative class. Joy was very patient and encouraging thoughout the 8 weeks. She also tailored her teaching to each dog although it was a group class. She is very knowledgeable and was very willing to help us address any issues we encountered with our dog outside of the training sessions. Thank you joy and supernova!
Blyss Kwong
Blyss K.
14:09 18 Apr 20
I started the private training with Joy when my dog, Milo was 10mths old which was considered pretty late already. Milo was very stubborn and a very anxious dog to begin with. Joy was very patient with Milo and although He was quite a challenge at the beginning, Joy was able make Milo trust her completely and enjoyed her presence in the house. Joy was very encouraging and sometimes the training went beyond the stipulated time as Milo required a bit more guidance. She also went the extra mile by following me to walk Milo after i raised my concerns over Milo’s sudden aggressive behaviour towards other dogs. She was encouraging and assured me that nothing is wrong with Milo and taught me how to handle the situation better. With the training, Milo is so much better now! I highly recommend SuperNova to anyone who wishes to have their pup (in my case, dog) trained. Thank you Joy.
Terence Wang
Terence W.
11:38 30 Mar 20
It was a joy for our Corgi's first boarding with Joy. She constantly updated us on Chwee Kueh's status and behaviour. Will definitely bring her back for another stayca!
Cathlene Wong
Cathlene W.
13:47 06 Jan 20
Max and Duke stayed with Joy twice within a month. We can’t thank Joy enough for how well she took care of both our furkids. We always had video and photo updates on them and even exchanged funny stories of our doggies. Our dogs also got along well with Joy’s dogs and became play mates. This is because Joy socialised them well and introduced them properly. We’ll definitely always look to board our dogs with Joy as she gives us such peace of mind when we’re away. I’m sure our dogs also enjoyed their stay. Thank you Joy! Max and Duke will be back again! 😆
Jean Lee
Jean L.
16:48 29 Dec 19
My girl Mochi have a great 10 days boarding with Joy.She is very detailed and will sent us photos update Everyday, Mochi looks really happy and enjoying herself there.So Glad to have found Joy boarding,definitely will be back again soon.
Rachel Koh
Rachel K.
13:03 14 Sep 19
I left my 2 dogs with Joy for boarding from 6-8 September. Joy was really detailed and meticulous in attending to my dogs’ needs, bearing in mind the pointers that my hubby and I shared with her. She also sent us timely updates and assisted in the taking of really cute pictures of our dogs while they were in her care. From the pictures, we could tell that they thoroughly enjoyed their time at Joy’s place. Thank you very much for taking care of them and putting our minds at ease with the regular photo and video updates while we are away! We will surely place them under her care the next time we require boarding. Thank you Joy (:
YingJing Ng
YingJing N.
05:39 28 Dec 18
We had to put our border collie with Joy for 23 days. Joy’s passion and understanding towards dogs makes her the best caretaker ever. She took the initiative to constantly update us and also to change certain unwanted habits. Overall we are super pleased and could tell Tiger thoroughly enjoyed her stay. Highly recommend Joy if you want a stress free getaway and someone who values the well being of your dogs. Thanks Joy, for putting in so much effort in doing what you do.
Li Ting Ng
Li Ting N.
11:17 08 Oct 18
My girl, Belle, is a dog with very low confidence outdoors. After her Puppy Agility course with SuperNova, she is now a lot more confident and has learnt to enjoy playing outdoors. Really appreciate trainer Ween Sze's patience and guidance throughout the course. She is able to identify the weakness of each dog in the course and provide customised timely feedback and suggested practices.
Charlene Fong
Charlene F.
05:17 01 Oct 18
We signed up our 4 month puppy Loki for an extended board and train for 9 days with trainer Joy. He learned quickly how to poo and pee on his pee tray which he completely revused to do before. Joy gave us timely and daily updates on what Loki has been learning, which put us at ease while we were away. Joy also managed to get Loki to learn basic commands, accept his crate which he previously hated and also socialisation with other dogs and children! We could see that Loki very much enjoyed learning with her and her puppy Tobi. Strongly recommend!
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