About Pearlene Lim

Pearlene Lim
Certified Trainer


“Training is an everyday process, and the path to sustained breakthroughs. And it can be fun!”

With her graduate degrees in psychology, Pearlene understands the tenets of behaviour modification and strongly believes in building a strong foundation to create a better future for dogs and their families. Every dog has its own motivators and every human handler, his own priorities and needs – Pearlene believes in tailored dog/person-centred dog training to help each team reach their maximum potential. She adopts a fun, humane, force-free approach to dog training, and has experience working with puppies and rescued dogs.

An avid dog lover, she owns 4 dogs that are trained in basic obedience, nosework and agility. Of these, 3 were rescues that required rehabilitation to address their fears and behavioural issues. Pearlene firmly believes in the neverending path of knowledge acquisition, and trains with several overseas trainers and world champions to constantly improve her own handling skills. She is a familiar face at local agility trials, and has represented Singapore in the World Agility Open with her cavoodle Terry in 2018, and will be doing so again in 2019. Agility is addictive because it’s so fun – and it has taught her how to bond with her dog in dynamic ways full of games, with the added benefit of keeping her fit and her adaptability to changes razor sharp. Agility is her first love, and she is looking forward to nurturing new talents in the sport!

Courses Conducted By Pearlene Lim