About Shanice Tan

Shanice Tan
Chief Trainer
  • Training Director & Founder of SuperNova International Dog Sports Academy and A.Dog Trainers Academy.
  • Formed the Singapore Dog Sports Club Facebook Group
  • Certified Trainer of Singapore People’s Association
  • Former Member of Clean Run Agility Club Singapore
  • Certified Trainer for Adore Program (Program for HDB Approved mongrels)
  • Licenced Agility Judge for USDAA
  • Former Agility Judge for UKI
  • Member of The Association For Force-Free Pet Professionals
  • Member of The Pet Professional Guild
  • Certified Trick Dog Instructor with Do More With Your Dog by Kyra Sundance
  • Served on the trainers’ panel of a local dog shelter to offer her expertise to the shelter volunteers
Training Philosophy
  • Use of motivational, positive, reward-based humane training techniques
  • Clicker training, Premack Principles, Behaviour Adjustment training amongst others
  • Use of martingale collar, head halter or easy walk harness
  • No use of a non-reward marker in agility
  • No use of aversive training tools ie prong, choker, shock collar
  • No shouting, rough or harsh handling of dogs in training
Education: Obedience & Dog Behaviour
  • Studying with ISCP Diploma in Canine Behaviour
  • Behaviour Adjustment Training Workshop for Dog Reactivity (Fear, Frustration and Aggression)
  • Obedience Training Seminar by Mia Skogster (Finland)
  • Teaching Engagement Skills Program by Leerburg Online University
  • Dog Behaviour Workshop by Antje Hebel (Germany)
  • Schutzhund (Obedience & Protection) training seminar by Felix Ho (Belgium)
  • Pet CPR and First Aid Course
  • Clicker Training Workshop by Gina O’Keefe (Australia)
  • Canine training and behaviour workshop (conducted by AVS and Dogs Trust UK) 2023
  • Behavioural Rehabilitation & Training Seminar (conducted by AVS and Dogs Trust UK) 2023
Education: Agility & Others
  • Svetlana Kreslina Agility Seminar (2019)
  • Tamas Traj Agility Seminar (2019)
  • Anne Lenz Agility Seminar (2018)
  • Olga Kwiecien Agility Seminar (2018)
  • OneMind Dog Agility Workshop by Niki Drage (2017)
  • Jan Egil Eide Agility Seminar (2017)
  • Daisy Peel Agility Seminar (2016)
  • Agility Nation by Susan Garrett
  • Handling 360 by Susan Garrett
  • Puppy Peaks by Susan Garrett
  • K9XTraining by Bobbie Lyons
  • UKI Judging Clinic by Lee Gibson (2015)
  • Lee Gibson Agility Seminar & Workshop (2015)
  • USDAA Judging Clinic (25-28 Sept 2014) by USDAA Masters Judge, Mr David (Dave) Hanson
  • Toshiyuki Oba (Japan) Agility Seminar
  • Luke Schneider (Australia) Agility Seminar
  • Early Intervention for Children with Special Needs by Flinders University – Parents with Special Needs children could look forward to an Animal Assisted Therapy program provided by Shanice and her well-trained sheltie, Nova.
Voluntary Work
  • Singapore Kennel Club doing obedience & agility demonstrations at pet events
  • Nova is a therapy dog with Therapy Dog Singapore and SOSD Healing Paws and has trained with Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) for Search and Rescue work
  • Zeal is a therapy dog with SOSD Healing Paws.
  • Assist with the training of volunteers, fosterers and training of rescue & shelter dogs from the AWGs (SOSD, ALL, CAS, Mdm Wong’s Shelter, Homeless in Seletar)
Achievements With Nova, The Shetland Sheepdog
  • Shanice & her sheltie, Nova is the 1st & Only TEAM in Singapore to be awarded the 1st International Title – Agility Dog Title (Versatile Dog Title) from USDAA
  • Nova has successfully achieved 10 titles –ADX, JDX, PS1, PJ1, SSA, SJ, SR, Agility Dog of the Year 2009 (SKC), Reserve Agility Dog of The Year 2010 (SKC), Agility Dog – Versatile Dog Title (USDAA) to her name and 28 times Champions under Shanice’s training using reward-based, positive reinforcement techniques
  • They are also the only team to be officially qualified to represent Singapore to compete in 7 events including the US$10,000 Dog Agility Steeplechase Championships, at the Cynosport® World Games, Scottsdale, AZ, USA (Oct 29-Nov 2, 2008)
  • Nova is also the 2012 National Champion (Small Dogs) at the Singapore Open Agility & Jumpers Championship
  • Nova holds an Expert Dog Trick Title from Do More with Your Dog by Kyra Sundance
  • Nova has also appeared in numerous media as a dog talent ie StarHub Cable, Student Film, Dog Food Advertisement etc
Achievements With Zeal, The Border Collie
  • WAO Games Finals (525 Category) at World Agility Open Championships 2017 (19-21 May, Ermelo, Netherlands) – Overall results 30th Placing, Snooker 26th placing (out of 78 competitors from 30 countries), Gamblers 28th placing
  • WAO Biathlon Finals (525 Category) at World Agility Open Championships 2016 (13-15 May, Addington, England) – Overall results 28 Placing, Biathlon Jumping 20th placing (out of 62 competitors from 25 countries)
  • Zeal has achieved the SKC Jumpers Dog Title at 3yrs old and numerous top 3 placings in SKC & USDAA Agility and Jumpers Trials. She is also a Qualifier for World Agility Open Championships 2015 & 2017 at Netherlands and 2016 at England
  • Zeal is a therapy dog with SOSD Healing Paws
  • Zeal holds an Intermediate Dog Trick Title from Do More with Your Dog by Kyra Sundance

Courses Conducted By Shanice Tan