About Teoh Ween Sze

Teoh Ween Sze
Certified Trainer


Avid dog lover, having a keen interest and strong passion for dog agility and growing the sports locally. Looking forward to encouraging more people to join the dog sports and engaging more dog owners and the dogs on dog agility. Started competitive dog agility since 2015. Loves doing agility with the dogs as I think that keeping my dogs active and constantly learning things with them keeps them active and their mind active and also deepens the bond between the human and dogs. Currently actively doing dog agility with her 3 dogs Slippers, Duchess and Loki.

Attended numerous handling seminars for dog agility from trainers such as Lee Gibson, Jane Elene Christensen, Kaitoda Masanori, Toshiyuki Oba and Niki Drage to constantly seek learning and improvements.


Courses Conducted By Teoh Ween Sze