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Valerie Ng

Valerie Ng
SuperNova Certified Trainer


I first learnt about positive reinforcement methods when I made my foray into petcare industry in 2020. Even though having been a dog owner of 13years, such refreshing method was new to me, but it all made so much sense.

Transitioning from dog owner to taking care of other’s furbabies, I realised that how I was expected to care for the dogs in the daycare centre was not what I would be comfortable with as a dogowner myself.

Discovering force free methods and positive reinforcement helped me understand that we can all play a part in making this world a better place for our dogs, starting from ourselves as dog owners.
But I also realised that many people are like me before, unaware of these new methods that can even strengthen our relationship with our dogs.

I decided I needed to increase my knowledge on ethical and kinder ways to communicate with dogs if I wanted to continue being in this industry. And also to spread awareness to as many dog owners as I can reach out to.

I took up skillsfuture courses on top of self-learning, to further upgrade my knowledge particularly on Positive, force-free and reward based training.

I decided I also needed to properly learn from certified trainers and get professionally certified myself for dogowners to be able to put their trust in me. (I as a dogowner with this newfound knowledge would highly appreciate that. I believe others would too!)

After much searching around, I found Shanice(SuperNova) who shared my new found values and vision, and even had a dog trainer program!

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