About Ye Jun Siong

Ye Jun Siong
SuperNova Certified Trainer


In 2011, Jun Siong started helping out at his friend’s pet shop doing grooming. He encountered many breeds of dogs with different behaviour issues – some were scared, some aggressive and some not used to grooming or might had some past bad experience with their past groomer. That’s where his passion and interest in dog training began.

“Most dog owner doesn’t realize that most of the problems started with the owners, themselves. They blame the dog for being naughty, out of control etc but they don’t realise that they are the ones causing all these tensions to their dog. Every little move can affect the dog. Dogs are our best companion only if the owners are calm and assertive.”

Jun Siong has graduated on 26 Apr 2015 from Be A Professional Pet Dog Obedience Trainer Program conducted by A.Dog Trainers Academy & SuperNova Academy Of Dog Sports. He is now one of SuperNova Academy Of Dog Sports Certified Trainers.