Agility Level 7 (Prep For Trial)

Important Notice

Dogs with the following behaviour issues are not suitable to attend our agility group classes:

  • Dogs that are not friendly to human and/or other dogs
  • Dogs who can’t stop barking (excessive barking)
  • Dogs who charge n lunges at human and/ or other dogs (reactive issue)
  • Dogs with aggression issues with humans and/ or other dogs

Dogs found to have these issues in our agility classes will be advised to attend private training to address these issues.

About Agility Level 7 (Prep For Trial)

Getting ready for your first trial with your dog. Everything you need to know about the trial. Our trainers who are also registered agility judges are the best persons to prepare you for your 1st agility trial.

Course Details
  • 1 Hour Per Session
  • Min: 3 dogs, Max 8 dogs (Dogs 15 months and above).
  • All dogs must be free from contagious illnesses, fleas & ticks, joints issues and other health issues.
  • Dogs must be friendly to other dogs and people. We welcome dogs who are timid or reserved.

Prep For Trial

  • Understand the different agility trials organized by the different organisations in Singapore
  • How to read a course map
  • How to read a dog’s line
  • How to choose the appropriate handling for the course
  • How to prepare your dog for the trial
  • How to prepare yourself for the trial
  • Experience a mock trial with your do

Agility Level 7 (Prep For Trial) Trainers

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