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About Board & Train
No time to train your puppy? Having difficulty in toilet training your puppy? Not consistent in training your puppy due to a busy schedule? Does your puppy need some socialization? Or simply wants your puppy to learn manners while you are overseas?
Our trainers are here for you! This program is suitable for all healthy and friendly puppies from 4 months to 7 months old.
During your puppy’s staycation with us, our trainer will toilet train your puppy, bring him out for socialization and teach him some basic puppy manners. Socialization will be with people, environment (ie loud vehicles, children) and with our trainer’s dog.
Basic puppy manners cover crate/playpen training, mealtime manners, Cues like sit, down, stand, sit-stay, come, conditioning to heel, heel, give, leave it, touch.
After the staycation, our trainer will show you what to do so that you can continue with the training and routine.
Why Sign Up For This Program
  • Professional guidance for a successful upbringing of your puppy
  • Proven and tested a successful program using positive training techniques only
  • Building a routine and consistency in training your puppy as our trainer trains your puppy full time
  • More successful toilet training as our trainer trains your puppy full time
  • Videos and photos will be WhatsApp to you, whenever possible, to update you on the training progress
  • Accepts 1-2 dogs per period to give maximum attention and training to your puppy
  • A professional dog trainer training your puppy full time at her home
  • A clean and neat learning environment for your puppy

Watch your puppy improves day by day.

Course Details
  • 1 x 1hr pre-boarding consultation + 10 days staycation + 1 x 2hr home visit for skills transfer
  • Do apply flea & ticks prevention and also shower your dog before the day of board & train
  • We reserve all rights to accept or reject a puppy for the program
  • Puppy must be fully vaccinated 2 weeks before the day of board & train
  • Puppy must be free from any ticks & fleas infestation and also free from any contagious illnesses
  • An indemnity form must be signed

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