Competitive Obedience

About Competitive Obedience
After completing the basic obedience in the Good Canine Citizen, sign up for Competitive Obedience to bring the basic obedience to the next level where your dog learns more precise work in basic obedience.

Based on the different levels at Competitive Obedience, your dog learns to heel on a leash with precision in Pre-novice level and starts to go off-leash in Novice level. The progression will be based on levels in SKC Competitive Obedience.

You will be able to take part in the SKC Obedience Trial organized by Singapore Kennel Club. You will begin with the Pre-Novice level if you are new to the sport of Competitive Obedience.

We welcome current obedience triallers and students from other obedience academies for our competitive obedience program. All participants for this program must have completed their basic obedience training.

Our trainer, Elsa Soo will first assess your level in your basic obedience and then help you to progress from there.

Course Details
  • 10 Private 1-1 Sessions at your home (Start anytime)
  • 10 weekly 1hr session group class (Min 3 to start a class)
  • 1 Hour Per Session

Pre-Novice Obedience Exercises

  • Heel on Leash
  • Stand Stay (stand steadily on a leash with handler standing a leash length away / Judge walk 1 round without touching your dog)
  • Recall
  • Sit Stay (30 sec)
  • Down Stay (1 min)

Novice Obedience Exercises

  • Off-Leash Heel
  • Stand For Examination (Halted at approximately 4 metres from the dog/judge walk 1 round and gently touch your dog)
  • Recall (left at a distance of approximately 15 metres)
  • Sit Stay (1min) At least 7meters from their dogs, handlers facing away from their dogs
  • Down Stay (3min) At least 7 metres from their dogs, handlers facing away from their dogs

Competitive Obedience Trainers

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