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About Tricks & Agility Flatwork

World’s Leading Trick Dog Program From ” Do More With Your Dog !” by Kyra Sundance
Tricks & Agility Flatwork is suitable for dogs of all ages from 4mths old. We will be incorporating tricks titling program from “Do More With Your Dog!” by the famous international dog trick author & instructor Kyra Sundance.

Tricks are beneficial in building confidence, trust and bonding with the handler. It is also an important component in dog agility to teach body awareness, thus reducing injuries to the athletic dog.

Tricks & Agility Flatwork will be conducted by Trainer Shanice. Trainer Shanice is a certified trick dog instructor ( CTDI ) with “Do More With Your Dog!”. Her 2 dogs, Nova ( sheltie ) and Zeal ( border collie ) have both achieved Dog Trick Titles. Nova holds an Expert Dog Trick Title whereas Zeal holds an Intermediate Dog Trick Title from Do More with Your Dog by Kyra Sundance.

Nova is also a finalist at Singapore Pets Idol in 2013 where she performed Maths (counting doing addition of numbers).

“Do More With Your Dog!” encourages dog owner to have fun teaching their dog various tricks for sports or for companionship. “Do More With Your Dog!” is the largest global dog trick titling organization.

Come Earn Your Dog Trick Title Today.   Dog Trick Titling Certificate will be issued by “Do More With Your Dog!” from the United States.

Photo credit: “Do More With Your Dog!”

You will receive a pdf certificate, a physical certificate and a dog trick ribbon from an international recognized dog trick academy, “Do More With Your Dog!” in the United States.

Note: All puppies must have completed at least 3 vaccinations and free from contagious illnesses and fleas & ticks.

Course Details
  • 6 Sessions
  • 1 Hour Per Session
  • Fees ( includes fees payable to “Do More With Your Dog!” for the delivery of the certificate and ribbon )


  • NEWest @ West Coast Drive
  • East Coast (Figaro St) Indoors (Aircon)
  • Min: 3 dogs, Max 8 dogs (For all ages of dogs from 4mths old)
  • Suitable for Active dogs, Timid dogs, Senior dogs
  • All puppies must have completed at least 2 vaccinations and be free from contagious illnesses and fleas & ticks
  • All dogs must be friendly to other dogs and people
  • Dogs with aggression or reactivity issues are not suitable to attend a group class. Contact our trainer to recommend the appropriate course.

Novice Trick Dog ( NTD ) Titling Program:

Photo credit: “Do More With Your Dog!”

Earn your NTD title by performing 15 tricks for Trainer Shanice ( A Certified Trick Dog Instructor ).

We will be choosing 15 tricks related to agility exercises, canine conditioning exercises and obedience exercises for this program.

For the Novice title, tricks do not have to be perfect.

Do not physically manipulate the dog into a trick.

Treats and toys may be used as a lure, but on no more than 50% of the tricks.

Advanced and Expert tricks count as two tricks. 

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