Sathya Tps
Sathya T.
12:17 21 Jun 22
We highly recommend Joy ! Being first time dog owners, we were lost when we brought home our Jack Russell who is hyperactive .Along with her techniques and strategies, we were able to train him and use his energy in an effective way. Now he is much more obedient and independent in what he does. She is also very calm and handles any situation professionally.She also answered our queries too. Thank you so much for helping us in the past 8 weeks. We learnt a lot and thank you Supernova 🤗
Francis Yuen
Francis Y.
06:00 21 Jun 22
Super late review, but I would like to highly recommend Joy! My family and I adopted a Singapore special (also named Joy) and as we were first time owners, we were having issues managing her and teaching her basic commands. We engaged Joy when our pup was 3 mths old. We loved how Joy was so ever patient in guiding us to reinforce positive behaviours in our pup and how to manage the negative ones. There will also be short videos of each session made available for us to do a playback, which is really useful as small reminders of how to reenact simple commands such as “drop”, “stay”. Joy would also share tips on the types of treats, toys and chews suitable for our pup (ours is a die-hard hard chew fan, she even chews on the walls of the house). “Positive reinforcement” is something that’s etched in my mind when faced with our pup’s behavioural issues. And don’t be stingy with the treatos! 🙂 thank you so much Joy!
Geraldine Wong
Geraldine W.
14:38 13 Jun 22
Thank you Shanice, Mike and Yumi for the Train4Me program for Casper & Snowy. The month long training has improved these 2 puppies behaviour and most importantly their ability to listen to command and follow. Greatly appreciate their updated videos and progress in school. Highly recommend this program for paw parents like me who are usually occupied at work during daytime but want very much to have their dogs trained. Great job guys 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Benjamin Huang
Benjamin H.
23:27 07 Jun 22
We signed our little corgi pup Dobbie up for the private good canine citizen classes with Shanice after glowing reviews from a friend.Shanice was absolutely awesome with Dobbie, teaching not only the pup some good manners, but also us as owners how to understand and handle our dog.It is really evident that Shanice loves dogs and loves working with families to bring out the best in their canine companions. She was also incredibly patient with us and Dobbie, always willing to share her experiences and the many lessons learnt during her years of training. We highly recommend Supernova for anyone looking for a place to train your pup!
Shermin Eleora
Shermin E.
06:14 01 Jun 22
To say that our little Breadloft was mischievous would be an understatement. She would bite and bark and bark and bite, and every day we would bruise and bleed. We couldn’t understand what we were doing wrong — we felt so dejected.Then we met Joy. You can tell from the get-go how passionate she is in what she does. She helped us with managing Breadloft’s behaviour and her many moods. She was patient and observant. She opened our eyes to Breadloft’s good habits and always reinforced them. Most importantly, she reminded us to have fun.After eight lessons (and probably eighty homework sessions), we’re so happy to see Breadloft’s progress. Sure, she still has her bad days. But at least she’s en route to becoming the goodest girl she can be. Thanks so much, Joy!
Terence Ong
Terence O.
13:49 28 May 22
Amy was an excellent trainer for agility training.Taught me and my dog to perform tricks till sadly i had to pull oreo out of training due to health issues else i would continue the training with oreo.
Hilda Yow
Hilda Y.
15:49 21 May 22
Highly recommend Joy! Being first time dog owners, we were stressed out when we first brought Cookie home at 3 months old. Joy has been extremely patient with all our questions and has given us helpful tips to better train our puppy. What really worked well was Joy’s live demo, followed by assisting us to make sure we got the foundations right, to even encouraging follow ups and updates over WhatsApp. It’s comforting to know what Joy will be there when we need professional advice, and she is so willing to help! Very thankful we managed to bring Joy along the past few months to see Cookie grow. Joy is clearly passionate in what she does, and you can see that come through during her trainings and interactions with dogs. Cookie will definitely miss seeing Joy’s familiar face but thankful for the training as always!
Mascha Peeters
Mascha P.
13:54 18 May 22
When we got our puppy we were recommended to do a basic puppy course with Supernova. I contacted them and they were very clear and professional in their reply. We first met for a try and it immediately clicked, both with Loki, our Golden Retriever, and myself. Shanice was very clear in how we should train our pup to become a well behaved dog. We had eight private classes in which we covered the basics and it has been such a good investment. Loki is now 8 months old and listens very well for his age. We might not be the most strict with training, but Loki picks new things up very well and because of training with Supernova we know how to handle if we want to learn him something new. I can definitely recommend them to anyone as they genuinely care about the dogs and using positive reinforcement to let them become good canine citizens!
Ad Lee
Ad L.
12:56 30 Mar 22
I have signed up my pup for the good canine class . I almost pulled her out from the class, before the first practical lesson as my pup is skittish. I was worried that she might be too stressed to learn anything with all the unfamiliar faces and “trapped” in an enclosed area. Shanice encouraged me to give my pup a chance to try. I heed her advice and unexpectedly, my pup was comfortable with Shanice and others during her first lesson. She even let Shanice hold her leash and followed her instructions in the subsequent lessons. Shanice is a nice and approachable trainer with a big heart for dogs. She advocates positive enforcement training for your pups too!
Cheryl Lee
Cheryl L.
00:04 03 Mar 22
Good training with lots of tips specific to my pup
Violette Goh
Violette G.
21:05 25 Feb 22
What do I recommend about SuperNova International Dog Sports Academy?Ans: ShaniceI did a lot of research, read a lot reviews and recommendations on which Dog Trainer to engage before I decide on SuperNova and am glad that I made the right decision!Shanice has trained me well on understanding how my then 5mth o’ pup-kid learns and his perceptions on my movements, gestures and tone. Both my boy and I are very comfortable with her. She has both people and puppy skills! My pup loves her lots and that says it all! 😄 Always excited when he sees her and I can tell that he loves and enjoys every lesson!We have completed the training and the bond between my boy and I have grown stronger than before! Hope my boy is as proud of his mommy just as I am proud of my smart and confident boy! 🤣Thank you, Shanice for your patience and guidance! Will certainly look for you for Agility lessons when he turns 9mth!
Jin Lim
Jin L.
07:12 23 Feb 22
Our corgi puppy, Nugget was enrolled for an 8 lessons basic obedience training with Joy. Joy is super knowledgeable, patient, and is always willing to teach and use new methods according to Nugget's needs. Joy also took the effort to review past training, re-inforce them. She is always willing to help to correct and advise on Nugget's behavior and how to adjust and correct Nugget's new behaviour 🙂
Gabriel Tan
Gabriel T.
05:07 18 Feb 22
Today concludes the obedience training we signed up with SuperNova International Dog Sports Academy. 5 months and 8 lessons later, we are very glad to have made the decision to go through the professional training alongside our Golden Retriever puppy, Jordan, and his trainer, Joy. The experience has been extremely rewarding. Joy is always clear and engaging in the conduct of her training sessions, and often speckles them with helpful anecdotes that makes training relevant and relatable. We really appreciate the live demonstrations and continuous efforts in reviewing, correcting and making sense of training techniques to Jordan and us. We feel empowered to keep up the training for Jordan beyond his lessons and assessment, and we are ever thankful for Joy’s assistance in facilitating our building of confidence with Jordan. I would recommend the obedient training to anyone looking to nurture more meaningful relationships with their puppies.
Valerie Ng
Valerie N.
11:39 06 Feb 22
Firstly, I am very thankful that Shanice has opened this dog trainer program for people like me who are keen to learn but prefer to be based in Singapore. Watching Shanice as one of her GCC students (part of the program), she kept the classes light hearted but also conducted it professionally. She is always encouraging to both the dog and owners and also took individual dog's personalities into consideration when assessing their performance. As her assistant in classes, Shanice gives plenty opportunities to demo certain behavior commands and is helpful to fill in where needed, giving me confidence and courage. I may have completed my course but I feel there is plenty more to learn from Shanice!
Sarieka Deshwal
Sarieka D.
05:12 31 Jan 22
Thank you so much SuperNova. Shanice helped us to train our puppy. As a first time dog owner we preferred professional help to settle the puppy - Pearl. Shanice is great, she is kind, full of patience. She was flexible with the schedule and always happy to answer all the queries. We all enjoyed the training sessions with Shanice. Thank will do more twinning sessions.
Victoria Tay
Victoria T.
05:09 29 Jan 22
Shanice is truly a really great and patient trainer! Love her positive reinforcement training methods. Am really how haaappy my little puppy (insta azuki.theshiba) turned out in the end to be such a cute and well behaved dog! Her dedication is truly amazing - even coming on CNY eve last year when I was really struggling with the toilet training, and for replying so quickly on WhatsApp even at 1am! She really tailored and individualized her training to my dog’s needs and to the issues that I was having. She’s also really encouraging - from obedience training and now on to agility training (never thought I’d do it with a shiba but I must say I truly enjoyed the session)! I highly highly recommend her services to anyone who is in need of help with a new dog!
Lorraine Peh
Lorraine P.
09:52 13 Jan 22
Shanice has helped us with a private 121 training for our adopted Border Collie, Bailey.The classes were tailored to our needs.One of the best / most memorable training session was the car training session. We used to not be able to control Bailey in the car as he gets really excited with motorcycles, moving objects & when the car reverses.Now, I am able to drive alone with just Bailey in the car without my husband! Bailey has certainly matured & is a lot more manageable now after training with Shanice. 🙂
SH Lim
03:18 06 Jan 22
Enrolled my puppy for a 8 week 1x1 training with Shanice. She was very patient and knowledgeable with lots of good advice on how to train him. She also gets on really well with my puppy who enjoys the weekly lessons.
Leon Teh
Leon T.
02:47 27 Dec 21
We enrolled Finn, our border collie, in the Good Canine Citizen course when he was about 4 months old. Shanice & Jenna, our trainers, are genuine, down-to-earth trainers who give practical feedback and solutions. They shared with us their experience raising BC puppies and how to navigate these challenging months. Their positive reinforcement training techniques really do strengthen the bond that we have with our puppy and make training sessions enjoyable! The curriculum covered was all useful obedience that is very relevant in real life contexts. Thank you Supernova and Shanice & Jenna! 😊
Elissa Loi
Elissa L.
06:15 12 Dec 21
After a rough start looking for a Project Adore-certified trainer, we’re so glad to have found Joy. As Vader is a very fearful Singapore Special, I was initially concerned that he would not react well to training, even if they were private sessions. But to my surprise, he took to Joy, was taking her treats the first time they met and could respond to her cues during our subsequent sessions - a big step for a dog so afraid of everything.Beyond equipping us with foundational management skills, Joy was also really interested and invested in helping Vader come out of his shell, proposing different toys, places and methods we could try to help him find his joy. She was always on hand for us to reach out to and showed real care for him, which I really appreciated as a first-time owner of an anxious dog. Through the sessions, we’ve learnt positive reinforcement methods to help him cope with his fear and to better read his body language.Vader’s still very much a work in progress, but we’re so thankful to Joy for going beyond by-the-book training and focusing instead on helping him live his best doggo life. Would recommend Joy if you’re looking for a positive and dedicated trainer who will put the fun in training for your dogs!
Beatrice Chow
Beatrice C.
12:07 09 Dec 21
I decided to engage Supernova for my pomsky’s training as I know they can slightly difficult to train as compared to other breed. 🤔I’m glad to say that Shanice has been a wonderful trainer to Skyla. Her loving guidance has taught me how to properly handle a pomsky. She is very patient and concise when it comes to the training. I like that she records our sessions and sends it back me so that I can review it on days when I need a reminder on what areas we should practice more, etc. Shanice is also very knowledgeable when it comes to the care of dogs, always answering my queries and willing shares her viewpoint on doggy matters. Skyla has grown to close to Shanice during our 8 sessions and enjoys her time thoroughly. I definitely recommend Shanice and SuperNova for their Comprehensive Good Canine Citizen course. You won’t go wrong with a good trainer 👍🏻Thank you Shanice for devoting your time to Skyla 🐶 and imparting your doggy wisdom to me 🙋🏻‍♀️
Cecilia Ruan
Cecilia R.
02:58 02 Dec 21
Shanice is a blessing for us and Pudding, our 6mths old puppy! Her service, kind and patient nature won us over and is shown throughout every session. She tailors the training to us, and was always flexible with the schedule. When Pudding seems like she is already a super role model with no more obedience skills to learn, Shanice still makes the effort to teach us more stuff, never stingy with her knowledge and sharing. Throughout this period, there were times when we message her to ask about some unusual behavior or weird noises that Pudding makes and Shanice has always responded quickly. I remember panicking on the first night we had Pudding and immediately thought "oh no! we better get a trainer". I messaged Shanice late night and even though at that time we had yet to engage her, she still offered us a lot of advice and it really helped to sooth our nerves. She even offered to come right down the next morning!Such a dedicated, warm, easygoing and passionate teacher is hard to find!!Highly recommended! :)🥰😍😘
Jocelyn Tan
Jocelyn T.
11:19 29 Nov 21
As first-time owners, I felt more comfortable engaging a professional as there are many different opinions on training methods, what's best, what’s not etc. There're also many things along the way that we don't know that we don’t know.Joy was recommended to us by a friend and we're so so so glad that we entrusted Truffle (and our obedience training journey) to her! It was crucial to have someone who is aligned with us on methods, beliefs and goals. More importantly, Truffle loves Joy from day 1 and it made the 8 lessons so much more fun and easier!Joy carries a very positive energy, is very encouraging, and willing to teach and try new methods according to Truffle's needs. Can tell that she genuinely cares about Truffle’s well-being and development, and she answers our questions as promptly as possible and through sharing her personal experiences.The Good Canine Citizen course taught us about dog behaviour, communication, handling, socialisation, basic obedience and cues etc. As we engaged private training, there was one-to-one attention on Truffle's behaviour and how we train. Joy sent us videos after each session so we can see for ourselves what was done right or what can be improved. The training has also helped us spot behaviours / signs prior to an "offense", which helped minimise / prevent Truffle from being attacked or from being overstimulated which could also unintentionally trigger other dogs. This means that we can pull Truffle away before anything happens.Training is an ongoing process and takes 3 hands to clap - trainer, us and the pup! We started when Truffle was about 4mo and while Joy has helped built a strong foundation for us, it doesn't stop after we obtained the certificate. It will take a lot of patience and consistency, and we'll continue to work hard on his training progress!
Arian Yu Kai Yan
Arian Yu Kai Y.
09:30 21 Nov 21
Shanice helped to organise and run a group training session for a group of us with our dogs. She was very patient, helpful and professional.She explained the sessions very clearly and guides each owner on how to handle the different difficulties each dog faced. When we struggled with some commands, Shanice patiently suggested various different ways to go about the training. Shanice encouraged the use of positive reinforcement in all her approaches, never got impatient and didn't force us or the dogs to do anything we were struggling with.She made a lot of effort to ensure that she gave the different dogs the attention they required for the training. She even brought an additional trainer, Valerie, to assist in giving all the dogs the attention they needed.While we have to continue with the training on our own, we can definitely see the results of training Korra and we are very happy with it!Thank you very much Shanice!
Kat Masbang Manalang
Kat Masbang M.
21:17 20 Nov 21
We loved coming for the dog obedience class for our SS Amber. Shanice has genuine care for dogs under her program to turn them into good canine citizens. Highly recommended.
Ann Lee
Ann L.
12:33 15 Nov 21
Shanice is a patient, nurturing and experienced dog trainer. She’s flexible to tailor a programme to target specific needs for my border collie.
Kim Quah
Kim Q.
12:23 15 Nov 21
Shanice is a very experienced & sharing, thoughtful trainer. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a dog trainer
Wai Leng Wong
Wai Leng W.
08:20 09 Nov 21
We signed up for 8 sessions with Shanice, and every session was fantastic! Shanice is so experienced that she could, at one glance, demonstrate and modify the training for our pup. Two important things I’d learned from her - anticipate how your dog will react/behave, and don’t set up your dog for failure. We, including our pup, will definitely miss our weekly training. I will also miss my chats with Shanice, where she generously shared her extensive experience and great advice. Hopefully, we will continue the wonderful training she has started. We’ve been given the tools, so it’s now up to us to practice and reinforce. Thank you, Shanice! ❤️
Alise Alexis Tan
Alise Alexis T.
04:25 09 Nov 21
Great thanks to Shanice for her patience, knowledge and guidance in training my Cooper which used to b very active, mischievous and had a mind of his own. Thru the positive reinforcement training methods, he's now more willing to listen and obey to my commands. Really enjoyed e process and feels a sense of achievement with my Cooper. Thanks for helping to turn him into such a good boy now.. 🙂
Lincoln Sia
Lincoln S.
11:12 26 Oct 21
With the majority of my family being first-time pet owners, embarking on this wonderful and rewarding adventure of owning a dog came with it's fair share of anxiety, stress, helplessness, and responsibilities.It did not help matters that our 3-month old Pomsky pup came to us shy, timid, and withdrawn. (poor thing must have been traumatized by someone or something during her arduous journey from Ireland to Singapore)Then ... along came Joy.With her vast experience, knowledge, patience (to both humans & dog), and her tender-loving care for our little girl, Joy has definitely taught us the finer points on how to navigate this symbiotic relationship between Man and Dog.The weekly trainings, crucial advice and countless guidance she has selflessly given us have definitely helped us to better understand our little girl.Thank you Joy .... 'Latte' thanks you too. 🐶💞
Loy CK
Loy C.
12:12 18 Oct 21
We were very fortunate to engage Chief Trainer Shanice Tan to train our Golden Retriever using positive training techniques. We also learned more about its breed. A passionate dog lover !
Teri Yap
Teri Y.
13:29 17 Oct 21
Our 6 months old pomsky Guinness completed his Good Canine Citizen group training with trainer Joy from Supernova. We highly recommend Joy as she is extremely patient, cheerful, knowledgeable and helpful. She constantly updates and provides us with information that will help us understand our dogs better. She is always very encouraging and it makes training with her very enjoyable.Guinness loves Joy and is always so excited to see her for training every week. We are so glad to have trained with Joy. If you are looking for a trustable training school, SuperNova will definitely be a right choice.
Claudia Velda
Claudia V.
06:41 10 Oct 21
We are first timer dog owners and we’re so glad that we had Joy as our trainer for our pup Lokie! Joy is without a doubt, a very passionate and enthusiastic trainer, she’s provided us with so many useful tips and knowledge to guide us in understanding our puppy so much better, we wouldn’t know what to do without her! The training was fun and engaging with continuous focus on positive reinforcement. Lokie has since become more obedient and our bond between each other has strengthened immensely with Joy’s help. Definitely recommend Joy from supernova for anyone looking for their furkids obedience training. Thank you so much Joy, you really bring joy throughout this journey for us & Lokie! 💖☺️🤩✨
Sabrina Ng
Sabrina N.
16:05 07 Oct 21
Started researching obedience classes as soon as I brought home my boy and signed up with SuperNova as soon as the trial homestay with my SS boy ended!Shanice was super helpful replying my questions over WhatsApp. She was flexible and able to accommodate my schedule for the training.He is able to perform basic commands as early as the first lesson 😬😬😬Extremely extremely enjoyed the lessons, Shanice was always super patient and kind to my boy Dash and he always has fun and is on his best behaviour for her.Shanice shared many valuable opinions, giving me confidence that Dash will be a good boy with continued practise!I am loving the philosophy of reward-based training and this is one of my best decisions I’ve made!Today, my boy is a proud graduate of SuperNova’s Comprehensive Good Canine Citizen! ❤️All the best to your future endeavours, Shanice!
Dex Tan
Dex T.
06:15 17 Sep 21
We had Joy as Sky's (Golden Retriever) trainer and we seriously enjoyed every session as much as Sky. We suspect that Sky definitely loves her more than us. Her no-fear methods works very well for Sky's calm and docile demeanor, with outbursts of irritating behaviours that we didnt correct before Joy. The sessions were personalized to Sky's learning and we were always along with the journey, updated with videos, recommendations of how to correct our commands etc. There can not be any better trainer and would highly recommend (and have recommended) Joy as well as Supernova for any dog training that you are looking to compare. Sky still licks her all over whenever he sees her and I am sure in Sky's mind, she is his BFF cos she always reaffirms him with excited "YES!" "Good Boy!" "Sky is so Handsome!". Joy is a joy to be with. 😍
Gan Hup Tony
Gan Hup T.
01:36 17 Sep 21
We booked SuperNova and Joy was our trainer. Training was a treat for Rowan and he definitely adored her. Joy was patient and encouraging and she sent video clips of what we have done so that we can review and work on what was taught in each session. we definitely learned the skills and tips to begin the journey of obedience training. I won’t hesitate to recommend Joy.
Lonne Westhof
Lonne W.
05:31 10 Sep 21
Our mini Dachshund puppy James just finished the private Good Canine Citizen course with Shanice, and we highly recommend her! She came to see us when James was only 9,5 weeks old and helped us by answering all our questions. Not only during the sessions, but also outside of class via WhatsApp. She always sent us pictures and videos of the sessions afterwards. We are a busy family with 3 young kids and Shanice was always able to give us suitable positive training advice and strategies that fit our family. James and I enjoyed all the sessions! James is now able to respond to the basic instructions and enjoys performing his tricks. Shanice, thank you for everything!
Goh Zhi Hui
Goh Zhi H.
15:18 05 Sep 21
I signed up for the obedience class with SuperNova for my dog and Wilson was our trainer. Wilson was very knowledgeable and shared many tips and advice on how to better manage my dog based on his needs and personality. He also taught me how to use positive reinforcement training which has helped my dog to improve on his behaviour. I would strongly recommend Wilson if you need a trainer! 😊
Benedict Wolfverton
Benedict W.
12:35 05 Sep 21
I’ve signed up with SuperNova and was paired with Wilson as my dog’s trainer. Not only was he patient with my dog, he was also understanding and knowledgable in terms of what my dog needs and wants. He’s friendly, open to sharing and funny!! Would definitely recommend him to another first time pawrents !!! Thumbs up for Wilson !!!
Joseph Jomins Teo
Joseph Jomins T.
06:36 04 Sep 21
A big thank you to Joy Neo for helping us to train our beloved furkid - Shiloh - a super vocal and energetic corgi. With her positive reinforcement training methods, we saw a marked improvement in Shiloh's behaviour. Joy is super patient and is also very knowledgable in her craft. She is our go-to doggo consultant and was always ever ready to answer our queries over WhatsApp whenever we needed advice on Shiloh.I would strongly recommend supernova academy & Joy Neo to anyone looking for doggo obedience training.
Wang Ming Zhu
Wang Ming Z.
08:38 24 Aug 21
Kopi and I enjoy our Saturday lessons very much. Am quite impressed to learn of the positive reinforcement methods that are effective and no-stress to handle my dog. Really affordable rate as well. Highly recommend training with Shanice! She is very experienced at what she does and passionate about dogs.
Anders Lim
Anders L.
01:31 23 Aug 21
Shanice is a very experienced trainer. My 5 month old goldendoodle response very well to her training and is very well behaved now. Will recommend her training for anyone looking to have your puppy trained.
Catherine Ong
Catherine O.
08:53 22 Aug 21
Our little boy had completed the training by Shanice. Under her guidance, we had gain the knowledges to train Biscuit to be a good boy.Shanice is very patience not only towards Biscuit, to all of us as well. Great Trainer 👍
Ong Xin Ying
Ong Xin Y.
15:43 19 Aug 21
From the first consultation we had with Joy, we were super impressed by her knowledge, positivity, clarity and kindness that she shared with us. We initially only wanted to do 1 consultation but our first meeting with Joy totally changed our minds because we could see how training with her can help us bond with our new little puppy (Taffy, 4 month old then) and how we can better prepare ourselves as first time pawrents ☺️ Every training session was such a pleasure and little Taffy (not so little anymore) certainly enjoyed them as much as we did! We did our trainings diligently and were very pleased when our efforts paid off! This wouldn’t have been possible without Joy’s advice and guidance! We are so fortunate to have gotten Joy as our trainer as she was professional in her training and was always open to any questions we had! Really appreciate her going the extra mile to help us with issues we initially had (eg bite inhibition, afraid of cars etc) which were not part of the Good Canine Citizen Course but Joy still took the time and effort to help us! Our Taffy today is the goooooodest boy (in my eyes 🤪), super well loved and a happy Good Canine Citizen! Thanks Joy!
Jarrett Yeow
Jarrett Y.
05:08 18 Aug 21
My little one has just completed 8 lessons with Shanice from supernova. Shanice is a very patient and knowledgeable trainer! She was very helpful with my dog’s obedience training and she offered guidance to me before I even had my little puppy. I would recommend supernova academy to any new or experienced dog owner looking to teach or improve their dogs skills and obedience! My little one is now all set on the right path for life!
Leong May
Leong M.
02:53 11 Aug 21
My pup Blue just completed 8 sessions of private training with Trainer Wilson. Blue is a very active, high energy dog. Wilson is very patient with him and handled him well. We benefited a lot from the training sessions too. Wilson gave us lots of good advice and tips on how to train and care for our pup. Thank you Wilson.
Julianna Hosan
Julianna H.
13:19 30 Jul 21
I had a great time having private training with Shanice on tricks and agility flatwork for my 2 furkids, Lola the papillon and Bobby the shihtzu. The 6 sessions of novice tricks and agility flatwork training was not only fun but was indeed a fantastic way to help me to bond and connect better with my furkids. Shanice was very patient, flexible and adapted the training to suit the different personalities and intelligence level of my 2 furkids. Lola is the smarter of the 2 but gets easily bored and need to be challenged to keep her motivated while Bobby is eager but need more patience and conditioning to help him understand the tricks that he need to perform. Both my furkids look forward to the training sessions every week and cant wait for their turns to learn the tricks from trainer Shanice. This training also turned out to be very complimentary to the agility training for Lola as has clearly helped her to do better in agility training which is coincidentally also with Supernova. As its so enjoyable and fulfilling I’m now considering signing up for advance trick and agility flatwork training with Supernova. I would strongly recommend Shanice for tricks and agility training for anyone looking to better bond, connect and motivate your furkids while having fun at the same time.
Nicole Tan
Nicole T.
05:41 28 Jul 21
Thank you Amy for the patience with MiMi, training and helping us guide her to become more obedient ! With MiMi's cheeky and naughty side, it is definitely not easy but Amy always guide us step by step professionally.MiMi can now do better walks and little tricks, and will continue to train her ☺️
Rayven Chua
Rayven C.
06:45 26 Jul 21
Thank you Shanice for being so patient with Matcha. Matcha is a very food-motivated dog and Shanice knew right away after the first lesson. Thank you Shanice for being so professional and helpful throughout the 8 lessons. Not only that but she's been very helpful along the way and answering all our questions and doubts ❤️ It has been a very enjoyable journey.
Daniel Fong
Daniel F.
14:34 20 Jul 21
Amy is a wonderful and passionate trainer to our pup, Rainie! She has been great help in guiding us how to manage her behaviour, and also guiding us to understanding her temperament better. She is also very understanding towards our hectic schedule, and scheduled our classes accordingly. Under her guidance, Rainie is now more obedient pup, learning more and more each day!
Simin Yang
Simin Y.
07:47 18 Jul 21
We had shanice as our trainer and we have learnt much from her on how to train our dog positively. Guinness has become much closer to us after we follow up with her methods of positive reinforcement continuously and she’s always very encouraging when we’re nt sure of what to do, esp as first time dog owners. As our dog was initially very skittish when we first got him under project adore, it took abit more time for shanice to demonstrate to us how to walk him and patiently addressed our concerns. Thanks again!!
Lim Hai Qi
Lim Hai Q.
03:29 16 Jul 21
We were so excited to start off this journey with Trainer Joy when she was assigned to us. Every training lessons were filled with Joy and Laughter, training our puppy have never been easier. The importance of positive reinforcement were emphasized and we as owners believed in that as well. Thank you for helping us during her puppy phase and we will continue to use positive reinforcement to train her and be better owners for Luna. Trainer Joy have been nothing but caring towards her clients. She’s always so ready to help and so approachable under any circumstance. Thank you so much! ❤️
Elena Tsvetkova
Elena T.
05:12 14 Jul 21
Amy Tan was truly a god sent when we adopted our puppy Luna. We have never owned a dog before so having her by our side and guiding us through the initial period was exactly what we needed to become confident in ourselves and Luna. Our puppy transformed from being an uncontrollable fuzz ball to responding to commands and being a responsible canine citizen. Thank you so much Amy! Would recommend Amy to anyone with a puppy. It is definitely worth doing this course with your puppy especially if you have never owned a dog before.
Jeslyn Chionh
Jeslyn C.
10:05 12 Jul 21
Our puppy Luna recently completed the private Good Canine Citizen course with Joy and we highly recommend her to all new puppy owners! As first time dog owners, Joy thoroughly allayed our fears and concerns on raising Luna and gave us the confidence to train her, answering all our questions comprehensively and promptly, even on Whatsapp outside of class time. We enjoyed every lesson and absolutely loved the strong focus on positive training. Luna was also boarded at Joy's for a weekend when we were away and we couldn't have trusted a better person to take care of her. Joy made the effort to ensure that Luna was well-taken care of and sufficiently entertained, even arranging playdates for Luna to socialise more. We also loved that Joy sent us so many photos and videos of Luna to keep us updated while we were away. Luna is now a lot more responsive to us and can come to us when called outside. Thanks Joy!
Joel Ng
Joel N.
03:51 12 Jul 21
Took up enjoyable and effective training sessions with Shanice’s class. Silly, my SS dog learnt to obey commands and socialise with his classmates, to minimise his reactivity with other dogs.Kudos to Shanice’s guidance ! 🤟
Claudine Koh
Claudine K.
13:20 11 Jul 21
Great training with Shanice. My SS dog, Cookie, is skittish. But with the training n socialising with the other furkids, she learnt to be more open and listen to instruction without being distracted. 👍
Merry Joy
Merry J.
04:23 10 Jul 21
We had an incredible time during our sessions with Joy. The notion of having a Shiba Inu as part of our family is scary enough as there is this notion of them being pretty stubborn. But thanks to Joy from SuperNova, all these notions about our pup disappeared. Joy showed us how to be patient and recognise positive behaviours that enabled our pup to be more responsive to the instructions! We're always looking forward to our sessions as the process is very engaging and fun for us and especially our pup! Thanks again Joy! Highly recommended for dog training.
Titus Lim
Titus L.
17:24 09 Jul 21
We would absolutely recommend Joy. Bubbly and sincere, Joy's love and passion for dogs is unquestionable. She was extremely patient and helpful in teaching our beagle puppy Koji, and was more than willing to go the extra mile to address any concerns that we had via WhatsApp, even when it was out of class. Koji has since matured greatly and has allowed us to better understand how we can better communicate with mans best friend. Thank you Joy!
Ho Kahmeng
Ho K.
06:53 05 Jul 21
Our basic obedience course was severely disrupted by Covid restrictions but trainer Wilson was very patient and committed. He even visited us in between lessons to provide additional help. Thanks Wilson.
Tan Ting Yu
Tan Ting Y.
14:53 28 Jun 21
Sky trained with Amy for 8 lessons, and has improved quite a bit! Amy is knowledgeable, patient and skilled at showing both the pupper and the owner how to train to get results. Amy also provides a post-lesson write up with instructions on how to proceed with the training. Pretty good exp overall. Thanks Amy!
Rick Stephen
Rick S.
09:01 27 Jun 21
we had Amy Tan train our dog for the past 10 weeks but was interrupted with Covid so did 8 weeks.Amy fully understands the personalities of the dogs in her group and is able to work a program to suit each dog. Scoop learnt a lot with Amy and still has a long way to go, we will be back to see how far he can go as he loves the work.thank you Amy 😊
Jermaine Pan
Jermaine P.
14:52 25 Jun 21
We had 4 sessions with trainer Joy and absolutely enjoyed them! Highly recommend. She has been very patient and loving towards Peanut and has been very clear in her teachings to ensure we know the best ways to help Peanut learn. Her positive reinforcement methods have been beneficial for Peanut’s learning. She is also always open to answering our questions outside of the sessions on different situations and observations on Peanut. This has helped us understand Peanut better and strengthened our relationship with him too. Thank you Joy for all your help!
Beth Dunnett
Beth D.
07:19 25 Jun 21
My puppy Benji was trained by Shanice and I would highly recommend her! Benji has become so much calmer and more obedient since starting the training. Shanice has a lovely way with dogs and provides reassurance to novice dog owners like myself. Thank you supernova!
Aman Khan
Aman K.
08:33 22 Jun 21
Both my pups have been trained by Shanice and we are extremely happy with the results! They have responded well to their obedience and basic training and Happy to recommend to anyone thinking of using her. Here are photos of the two graduates, Bowie and Ringo!
Lisabel Ting
Lisabel T.
04:22 12 Jun 21
Trainer Shanice was wonderful! Knowledgeable, patient and great with dogs. Our two dogs enjoy the sessions and look forward to her coming.
Kelvin Chan
Kelvin C.
16:03 04 Jun 21
Excellent trainers! Every lesson was a look forward to! Can feel their love and passion for dogs. Would definitely recommend to my friends and family members. As a first time owner I gain a lot of knowledge from them. From toilet training to leash working, recall training(very important!)
Sajni Chatly
Sajni C.
03:38 02 Jun 21
Great Training focused on positive reinforcement for our first puppy together. Would definitely recommend trainer Joy to train your new pups!
Nicole Lau
Nicole L.
11:56 21 May 21
This is the second time that we have used Supernova for our puppy’s training and both experiences were extremely rewarding! Shanice is experienced trainer whom is great at interacting with the dogs and owners alike. Every lesson taught us something new that we would otherwise not have known. Shanice also really cares for the dogs and it shows in everything she does. Would definitely recommend supernova to other friends and family if you’re looking for a dog training academy!
Elizabeth McErlean Rakoczy
Elizabeth McErlean R.
08:57 21 May 21
Shanice was an excellent trainer. She was very clear in her direction and tailored her program to best suite our rather rambunctious Cavapoo puppy. Beyond being prompt and communicative, she was unbelievably kind and patient during our sessions. She was also very thorough, sending videos and further instructions to recap each session.We are very pleased with the results of the training program and we would recommend Shanice without hesitation!
Brenda Han
Brenda H.
05:56 20 May 21
Shanice is a very knowledgeable and patient dog trainer. She helped train my 6 month old shiba inu puppy with positivity and never ending patience! Home training is a good option for us so our puppy and us can get used to our home surroundings, I recommend that!
Magdalene Ho Kan Teng
Magdalene Ho Kan T.
10:44 03 May 21
my 5 month old Singapore special & I just completed the Obedience course last Sat. it advocates positive force free training. Much credit to our trainer, Wilson's guidance & patience, I now see visible improvement in my puppy's behaviour.
Benedict Peh
Benedict P.
12:47 26 Apr 21
Chose Shanice to help train the newest member of the family who is a miniature dachshund as he is having problem potty training. Shanice is patient and always there to answer all the problems and questions that we have and faced. Will recommend SuperNova to anyone who is facing problem with their pup too!
Cosmo and I are extremely lucky to have been introduced to Joy. We had 6 private lessons and 2 group lessons with her. Cosmo is a Border Collie (M) and was 3 months old when he started his training.Joy is one of the warmest and kindest souls I’ve met and her love for dogs is unparalleled. Cosmo and I really looked forward to our trainings with her. With Joy’s patience and guidance, she helped us reverse many bad habits Cosmo had picked up and taught him basic obedience cues through positive reinforcement. She was happy to answer any questions we had and made sure to recap each lesson via text.Would definitely recommend Joy to anyone looking to train their dog ◡̈
Nicole Chai
Nicole C.
14:25 20 Apr 21
Signed up for agility class with Pearlene for my SS Lucky. Pearlene is very patient and knowledgeable. We always have a recap from the last session and and the class is conducted based on what Lucky was comfortable for the day. I can see Lucky gaining confidence and am glad he enjoys his lessons.
Angeline Qiu
Angeline Q.
07:00 19 Apr 21
Part2: We are so privileged to have Shanice train our 1 year old cavachon for tricks and agility flatwork. Shanice makes the effort to build good rapport with Chocolate from the very first lesson. Chocolate warms up to her quickly and gets extremely excited whenever she sees Shanice. Chocolate picked up 15 new tricks under Shanice’s patient and careful guidance. She rehearsed the tricks taught and corrected our techniques to make sure we master them well. More importantly, Shanice is versatile, prioritised chocolate’s safety and ensured that the tricks are suited for our dog’s physique. Training is fun filled and we thoroughly enjoyed our sessions. The mental and physical stimulations helped Chocolate gain more confidence and focus. We hope to continue to learn from Shanice & her team and strongly recommend Supernova for dog training.Part1 : When I first received the flyer for a complimentary dog training class after getting getting our first pup, I just chug it nonchalantly into my bag.After just two days, we were desperate for some help as there were so many issues we need advice on.We were extremely lucky to be assigned to trainer Joy Neo. Joy listens patiently to all our concerns, and nothing is too trivial to her. Under her guidance, chocolate grows to be more confident, learning to potty, listens to basic commands, takes her first steps out of the house when she used to be so fearful and goes for short walks outdoors under joy’s encouragement. Chocolate is now really fond of Joy, and gets super excited attending her classes and daycare.If you are looking for a trainer who uses positive training techniques and shows genuine care and patience for your furry pal, we strongly recommend Joy!
Cyprus Malinao
Cyprus M.
05:20 18 Apr 21
I worked with Joy from SuperNova to train Tosca, the new member of our small family along with my partner. Joy is a pleasure to work with. Her patience and perseverance is second to none and add to that, her professionalism and knowledge is very commendable. I highly recommend working with SuperNova and if you get the chance, definitely Joy will be the best person to work with!
09:38 13 Apr 21
Excellent trainer Shanice. Loads of patience, effective and positive training
Catherine Lfz
Catherine L.
14:15 12 Apr 21
Shanice was amazing and extremely patient with the dogs and humans. Throughout the sessions she made sure to revise what was taught in previous lessons and even brought treats that were free for all to use. It was a great experience and i think I'm even gonna miss waking up early on Sunday mornings! 🙂
Claudia Peck JiaYing
Claudia Peck J.
02:13 12 Apr 21
It was very easy to learn how to train the dog and all my questions were answered well even if it wasnt about the training
Angela Lin
Angela L.
14:15 13 Mar 21
Was very happy to have my puppy trained with Wilson. He was very patient and clear in his explanation. Gave many tips on how to handle my puppy and tips on what we can use on her (eg food, treats, harness, toys etc) muah chee is now a more obedient dog and is happier too!
Kath Teu
Kath T.
04:14 13 Mar 21
After the first few weeks when we had 3.5mth old Kozy, my 10yr old daughter started the training with Joy. Both Kozy and Megan enjoyed the training sessions with Joy's cheerful style. As parent, we benefited from the structural sessions and also got Kozy on a proper diet with Joy's recommendation.From other experienced dog owners we met, many had commended Kozy being well trained at such young age and positively praised Megan for her ability to handle the puppy. Huge kudos to Joy!I've already recommended Joy to friends who are exploring training for their puppies and will continue to recommend to more. 😊
Celeste Tan
Celeste T.
11:25 10 Mar 21
I’ve attended the trainings conducted by Wilson. He was patient and knowledgeable. My Singapore Special and I enjoyed his sessions. 👍🏻
Stephanie Phua
Stephanie P.
09:55 08 Mar 21
Trained my golden retriever puppy with Joy; chose to go with her as she was pro-active in reaching out to me, and I wanted to try fear-free training. Joy was very patient in explaining dog psychology, and clear in her instructions on how to train a dog. I believe a lot of it was actually training of us as humans, what to prep and what to look out for / how to be consistent in our behavior / how to best position ourselves for our pups to succeed. I've found that she's imparted lifelong lessons, even just after 4 sessions. Thank you!
James Butler
James B.
11:10 07 Mar 21
We came across Joy’s profile via Instagram during our search for a boarding venue for our dog. With my wife due to give birth, we were keen to find someone who could provide a positive, ‘homely’ environment for Peanut to stay at while we were at the hospital. We’ve boarded Peanut with Joy twice so far and we have been consistently impressed. From the very first day, Joy bonded closely with Peanut, showering him with treats, play time and affection. As a result, she created a kind of ‘home away from home’ for him. It’s been fun (and reassuring) to see the regular stream of photos and videos of Peanut during his time with Joy, whereby he has made some new play mates in Dash and Tobi (Joy’s dogs).The fact Joy is also a dog trainer (using positive reinforcement methods) gives us complete confidence that Peanut is in good hands.
Michael de W
Michael de W
09:59 01 Mar 21
Amy Tan was such a wonderful trainer. It was all positivity, patience and consistency. We nicknamed Amy the dog whisperer. Our dog loves his pen and so happy when we train him. Thank you
Chok Pg
Chok P.
03:47 28 Feb 21
We recently completed the private good canine citizen course conducted by Shanice. This course, especially the positive training techniques used throughout and the personal sharing by Shanice, has helped to develop our confidence in handling Joey, our puppy Corgi. Looking forward to involve Joey in more courses with SuperNova in the future to socialize her and improve her agility skills.
Eunice Lin
Eunice L.
22:34 13 Feb 21
Searching for a dog trainer to train our corgi is no easy task as we are located overseas. Joined the online basic canine training as recommeded by a friend. Throughout the whole course, Shanice is very responsive and taught me different ways of training my dog using only positive methods. Thank you for encouraging and helping us with training my naughty girl. Highly recommended dog trainer no matter where you are located.
Sharon Walker
Sharon W.
14:23 10 Feb 21
We had 8 private lessons with Shanice for our then 4.5 months Westie in November. First of all, Shanice is a genuine dog lover. Riley looked forward to seeing Shanice every week. Her technique and engagement style helped both mummy and puppy learn quickly. We avoided puppy toilet training disasters. Riley is well settled into our household. It was made possible with Shanice’s guidance. I recommend for all puppies and owners to attend puppy training. Just as every child needs to go to school, so does every puppy. 🐶And Shanice is the caring and effective trainer everybody needs.
14:10 09 Feb 21
Singaporean located in Thailand. Found SuperNova ONLINE Obedience Training. Attended trainer Shanice class using video learning and communication thru Whats App. She is knowledgeable and very responsive. Provided many different ways and ideas to deal or train my spolit brat. Highly Recommended!
Karis Cheong
Karis C.
10:39 01 Feb 21
Took puppy’s socialisation class under Shanice and benefited greatly. Aki, our corgi puppy, enjoyed the classes and we learnt so much from the trainer. It helped Aki to be more disciplined when we go to dog runs in the future.
Aris Toh
Aris T.
10:56 05 Jan 21
Highly recommend the good canine course. Amy gave great tips on how to communicate with my dog. My jack Russell puppy probably feels better understood now and hence, behaves better (most of the times, that is..) 😄🙏🏼
Joycelyn Lim
Joycelyn L.
14:24 27 Dec 20
Thanks to trainer, Shanice for her guidance and patience in training Xena. She has improved after the program.
Ryan Cheng
Ryan C.
06:43 23 Dec 20
Thank you trainer Shanice for the simple & effective training method! Tasha enjoyed every session of the training.
Yang Jun Jie
Yang Jun J.
11:35 21 Dec 20
Thank you very much trainer shanice, for your great guidance on our very challenging pepper, his behaviour towards other dogs has much improved compared to initially when he was just adopted.
Aly Khairuddin
Aly K.
08:58 19 Dec 20
Lots of patience with our puppy AND us owners 😊 our pup learnt commands very quickly
Andrea Teo
Andrea T.
04:32 07 Nov 20
My 3 mths old Shiba inu had 2 private classes with Trainer Joy. It was a pleasant experience. It was a Joy to have her teaching our puppy. A happy trainer and a happy dog. We will definitely come back for more classes as we progress. 👍 👍
Wendy JF Low
Wendy JF L.
06:33 27 Oct 20
Their agility classes are great fun! Highly recommended if you have an active and energetic dog.
Julie Xie
Julie X.
12:45 23 Oct 20
Engaged Shanice for behaviour training. My 3 year old cavapoo somehow got traumatised by motorcycles and could not stop lunging whenever they go by. It made her stressed and me stressed too. By the end of 5 weeks of training through positive reinforcement (we stood at a junction and waited for motorcycles to go by, the with Shanice guiding us on the importance of the timing of command and reward) , Now when my dog sees a motorcycle approaching, she would look at me instead of of wanting to lunge at the motorcycle. Overall, I feel much more confident in bringing my dog for her walks and just understanding where her fears are. Really thanks to Shanice!
Charlene Ng
Charlene N.
01:06 06 Oct 20
Thank you Shanice for your guidance and great tips for solving the challenges from a first time furkid parent! Tori has grown to be more courageous and confident to socialize with other dogs and humans! We will miss you so do drop by our place if you are around Kovan!
Sayaka Tada
Sayaka T.
13:12 02 Oct 20
I can’t be grateful enough for SuperNova Academy and the loving dog trainer, Joy Neo☺️❤️When my Viola turned to 3.5 months old two months ago, she became so energetic that I could not take a control of her. As I have no experience of dogs, I was completely at a loss...However, thanks to Joy’s cheerful and reliable character and the 100% fear free method she used, Viola and me have become more confident, I could understand Viola well and absolutely enjoyed all her training sessions!!! More importantly, Viola loves Joy and behaves much better now☘️Thank you SuperNova for sending us such a wonderful trainer! I highly recommend SuperNova Academy for everyone looking for a dog trainer.
Laura Laura
Laura L.
15:55 29 Sep 20
Supernova is a great dog school! We had private Training with Joy and it was a very pleasant experience for the dog and for us. Joy is very knowledgable, explains very well and the dog loved her. She is always helpful even in between or after classes and helped with non curriculum topics as well. Would recommend SuperNova and especially Joy anytime!
Hui Ting
Hui T.
13:45 28 Sep 20
My SS, Tamie had enrolled and graduated from the basic obedience training as part of the Proj ADORE's requirement and our trainer is Joy. Tamie is a skeptical dog and was not willing to take treats or do any of the training at all (at first). But with the patience and guidance from Joy, Tamie slowly open up bit by bit and managed to participate in the training. Joy is also very helpful in providing info that is apart from the training, such as recommend us what treats to get for our dog/ways to create DIY interactive toy and etc.Thank you Joy for being supportive throughout the whole training period~
Fidelis Lee
Fidelis L.
08:46 28 Sep 20
Our dog, Junior has graduated from SuperNova's Good Canine Citizen training! The cues we've learnt really helped with Junior's behaviour as he can get skittish outdoors. He is now more responsive and happy to follow recalls! Our trainer, Joy is incredible with dogs. She caters her training according to each dog's character/behaviour even when in a group. Thank you Joy and SuperNova for your positive reinforcement training!
Vidhya Segar
Vidhya S.
03:58 27 Sep 20
Thank you joy for such a fun and informative class. Joy was very patient and encouraging thoughout the 8 weeks. She also tailored her teaching to each dog although it was a group class. She is very knowledgeable and was very willing to help us address any issues we encountered with our dog outside of the training sessions. Thank you joy and supernova!
Sharren Xiu Er
Sharren Xiu E.
12:21 12 Sep 20
Thank you SuperNova chief trainer Shanice and also Boon Fong for the wonderful 8 sessions of obedience training. It is definitely beneficial for us as first time pawrents to understand how to handle our lovely boy. Shanice and Boon Fong are excellent trainers sharing valuable skills and always ready to offer our doggy with yummy treats to help him focus in class. SuperNova👍👍👍
Jon Hugues Teo
Jon Hugues T.
13:19 11 Sep 20
Shanice believes in positive training with treats and it allows us to calm and get our dog to focus. This allows us our dog to be in a stress free environment and enjoy the processes. Thank you.
Patricia Tee
Patricia T.
12:32 11 Sep 20
My dog Baccio just completed his basic obedience class to be a good canine citizen with trainer Shanice. She has always been very patient using positive trainings n has been very flexible regarding my requests working out a package that works for my dog. Baccio is a hyper puppy n it has not been easy to train him from the beginning. I am grateful to Shanice for sharing her tricks n training tips during lessons with her. Friends have commented that Baccio is more well behaved now! Looking forward to agility classes next with Supernova. Thank you so much !
Liaw Jinfeng
Liaw J.
13:32 25 Jul 20
Shanice is my dog's trainer and she was so patient towards him and even give a lot of recommendations to me to help overcome his fear. She is really very nice and helpful. I am so glad to engage her as my dog's trainer and would strongly recommend dog owners to engage her for training.
Kumara Guru
Kumara G.
09:50 17 Jul 20
Couple of mths ago, enrolled Rocky to SuperNova International Dogs Sports Academy. SuperNova International Dog Sports AcademyGot to say that I'm extremely thankful to be able to get the Chief trainer, Ms Shanice Tan as Rocky's trainer. She made it clear that the training is not only for rocky but also for me 😏. Each training session, she made me understand Rocky's reactions, trigger points and how to manage them with positive reinforcement. As every session passed, the results were very satisfying and Ms Shanice was not just being a trainer, she was also a motivator. She kept motivating us to practice positive reinforcements and to keep up the consistency. With her guidance, here we are.Rocky has successfully completed his training; "SuperNova Comprehensive Good Canine Citizen". 🤟Thank you Ms Shanice for the knowledge that you have shared with us and the love and commitment you have shown us during the training sessions. It was truly a rewarding experience and we are truly satisfied with the results. Thank you for making a difference in a canine's life.To those whom would like to understand your furkid more and manage your furkids behavioural issues, I would highly recommend you to engage SuperNova International Dogs Sport Academy to learn proper techniques to better handle and understand your furkid. ♥️#SuperNova #PositiveReinforcement #RockyBalBoa #ADayToRemember #LifeIsGood
Blyss Kwong
Blyss K.
14:09 18 Apr 20
I started the private training with Joy when my dog, Milo was 10mths old which was considered pretty late already. Milo was very stubborn and a very anxious dog to begin with. Joy was very patient with Milo and although He was quite a challenge at the beginning, Joy was able make Milo trust her completely and enjoyed her presence in the house. Joy was very encouraging and sometimes the training went beyond the stipulated time as Milo required a bit more guidance. She also went the extra mile by following me to walk Milo after i raised my concerns over Milo’s sudden aggressive behaviour towards other dogs. She was encouraging and assured me that nothing is wrong with Milo and taught me how to handle the situation better. With the training, Milo is so much better now! I highly recommend SuperNova to anyone who wishes to have their pup (in my case, dog) trained. Thank you Joy.
Ashleigh Kueh
Ashleigh K.
04:51 08 Apr 20
My pup Winter started his private home training in January with Chief Trainer - Shanice! Shanice is very friendly and approachable! Her methods of teaching is very effective and positive. We had many questions and she is always responsive and open to answer our doubts. With her help we have also corrected our pup's potty habits which was our number 1 worry. We recently moved into our new home and with Shanice's advice, our pup was able to recognise his toilet without any potty mistakes. Like everything else, it takes two hands to clap! Shanice always reminds us to not 100% depend on her trainings but us owners to also reinforce with our pup at home to ensure consistency and improvements! We have completed the course in March. Thank You Shanice for your guidance!!! 💙
Chen Yilin
Chen Y.
06:43 05 Apr 20
Trainer Joy is super patient! She is very sharp in identifying any issues with the training and always gives good feedback on how to tackle each issue in a bitesize manner. Class with her is always a Joy!
Soen Wee
Soen W.
05:29 01 Apr 20
Joy, our trainer, made every training so much fun for our pup. Being first time pawrents of a puppy, we didnt know what to expect. Joy was always patient and generous in sharing her knowledge (even when it is outside of the stipulated curriculum). Our pup adores her for her endless treats too! Would definitely recommend her to our friends :)Looking forward to more classes with SuperNova after the covid situation.
Jasmine Ho
Jasmine H.
06:28 31 Mar 20
My furkid just completed the Good Canine Citizen & had shown tremendous improvements in his behaviour & temper. Thumb up for Trainer Joy who provide great supports, guidance & positive energy overload throughout the 8 weeks, be it during or after classes
Terence Wang
Terence W.
11:38 30 Mar 20
It was a joy for our Corgi's first boarding with Joy. She constantly updated us on Chwee Kueh's status and behaviour. Will definitely bring her back for another stayca!
Peterson Tan
Peterson T.
10:30 30 Mar 20
The Good Canine Citizen course conducted by Joy is excellent. Now my paw kid is more well behaved and listens and responds to commands. I never think that this is so easy. Joy is an excellent trainer that makes training so intuitive and easy to follow. She will post the videos and follow up in chat group after each session. Very responsive to queries. Kudos to Joy and SuperNova. Highly recommended.
Xutian Liang
Xutian L.
07:53 23 Mar 20
We just graduated from Good Canine Citizen. Shanice is clearly a dog lover and has great positive vibes for them. She trains with positive reinforcements and her solution to problems is high value treats and consistency. There is no bad dog but only bad owners. We enjoyed the class very much and I hope to graduate to agility training next!
Signe Marie Strand
Signe Marie S.
08:02 22 Mar 20
I just completed the Good Canine Citizen training, and my Singapore Special, Nova, and I have learned so much throughout this course. I like how they focus on positive reinforcement, rather than punishing dogs for misbehaving. Trainer Wilson really invested a lot in his teaching, and was always patient and happy to answer any question I had. I now feel much more confident in handling my dog, and it has been a great bonding experience for us too! Totally recommend this course!
Caroline Claire
Caroline C.
08:46 15 Feb 20
Thank you for your guidance with Fergie. We have a much happier and settled dog that we understand more. It has made family life much less stressful! We highly recommend Shanice.
Keith Lim
Keith L.
07:55 09 Feb 20
Hooray! My dog, Rila, just completed her Good Canine Citizen course with Shanice! We opted the private session as Rila was not confident and could not respond when she is in an outside environment. With Shanice’s guidance, Rila is now more confident and could response to basic commands like, sit, down and stay when she is out of her comfort zone. Shanice is very knowledgeable, patient and gave us many tips and advice on how to train Rila and build her confidence. Once again, we thank Shanice for her guidance and would definitely recommended any dog owners who needs help to engage Shanice!
Praema Raghavan-Gilbert
Praema R.
22:24 20 Jan 20
Our SS was trained ably by Shanice. She was already 8 months old, but Shanice taught us a lot on how to handle her. Absolutely no regrets!
Annette Chua
Annette C.
06:29 17 Jan 20
Just finished the training for my 7 month old cocker spaniel and thanks to Shanice he is able to understand obedience commands and is able to be potty trained. Happy with her dedication and patience as well ☺️
JaneJane Tandamrong
JaneJane T.
07:01 07 Jan 20
Gibbs is a miniature long haired dachshund, 7 YO who has been staying with Joy twice. His last trip was over the Christmas and New Year (over two weeks). During his stay, Gibbs has so much fun because he had a chance to play with Dash and Tobi (Joy’s fur babies) as well as other visitors. This surprised me a lot since it could be difficult for Gibbs to make new friends sometimes.Initially, I was so concerned and a bit worried how Gibbs would behave and adjust to a new environment. But Joy has truly shown me that she is capable of handling my little man, abossy T-Rex 🦖. Joy always keeps me updated how Gibbs goes. Her knowledge and expertise have truly helped Gibbs adjusting to the new environment 😊 very easily.Also, my mind was at ease knowing how Gibbs went every single day while I was away. I can’t thank Joy enough for looking after my little naught T-Rex for me. So we will see you again next month!
Cathlene Wong
Cathlene W.
13:47 06 Jan 20
Max and Duke stayed with Joy twice within a month. We can’t thank Joy enough for how well she took care of both our furkids. We always had video and photo updates on them and even exchanged funny stories of our doggies. Our dogs also got along well with Joy’s dogs and became play mates. This is because Joy socialised them well and introduced them properly. We’ll definitely always look to board our dogs with Joy as she gives us such peace of mind when we’re away. I’m sure our dogs also enjoyed their stay. Thank you Joy! Max and Duke will be back again! 😆
Chang Hui Ying Jessica
Chang Hui Ying J.
09:06 06 Jan 20
Our agility trainer Michelle is a great coach! The lessons are well paced so as not to overtire the pup, the instructions are clear and most importantly, they are always fun! My pup, Chewie, loves every single agility lesson and is always looking forward to the next! 😬 Can’t wait to progress further down this agility journey with him!
Joy Koh
Joy K.
02:57 01 Jan 20
Joy is very patient with my Kobe and takes care of him in the most loving and caring way! Whenever Kobe and I pull up to the driveway, Kobe gets sooo happy to see Joy that I know he's well taken care of, whether if it's daycare or boarding. Kobe also loves playing with Joy's 2 furbabies Toby and Dash and is very mindful of the dogs' temperament and tendencies and will adjust accordingly. Joy has a fountain of knowledge when it comes to all things dogs, and is always happy to share! I'm so grateful to Joy for all that she has done for Kobe and I! Thanks!!
Jean Lee
Jean L.
16:48 29 Dec 19
My girl Mochi have a great 10 days boarding with Joy.She is very detailed and will sent us photos update Everyday, Mochi looks really happy and enjoying herself there.So Glad to have found Joy boarding,definitely will be back again soon.
Durgai Devi
Durgai D.
11:58 20 Dec 19
Bailey had a pawmazing 6 days of boarding with Joy, Tobi and Dash! Our mornings are always brightened up with videos and photos of Bailey. We could always count on Joy to take care of him with utmost care. She never fails to provide us with regular updates and always seeks our opinion and advise before making any modifications when required. Her passion and love for dogs is clearly exemplified by the way the dogs are cared for. Knowing that our furkid is in good hand’s is what most dog owners seek for and Joy is definitely someone that ill go to for a long time! I’m sure Bailey agrees with me too! Look at how ecstatic he looks! I woof you Aunty Joy!
Daisy Maula Gochangco
Daisy Maula G.
13:39 24 Nov 19
We have had our Toby stay with Joy for boarding a few times already. And Joy takes good care of him like her own furbaby. She is very detailed and would update us with videos and photos. We also appreciate it when she would ask us first regarding food allergies before she gives him any new treats. And our Toby gets along well with Mr. Tobi and Dashie. I always feel comfortable whenever we go on trips that Toby is in good hands. Thank you so much Joy!
Wilson Song
Wilson S.
03:31 13 Oct 19
I have completed the Basic Dog Obedience Trainer Program. It’s been a wonderful journey learning from Shanice for the past 12 months. Shanice is very patient, and detailed when imparting her knowledge. The course requires a lot of reading, assignments and video submissions. I was also required to conduct real classes as part of the learning process. The hands-on experience SuperNova International provides is unlike online learning platforms, that costs a lot more as well. Being exposed to real-life problems faced by dog owners, and trying out fixes is what makes the sets Shanice apart from the rest. SuperNova International It gives me the confidence and the head start in my own Dog Trainer’s journey.
Charles Kwok
Charles K.
04:38 22 Sep 19
My dog Happy just graduated from this basic obedience course. Well recommend for beginners.
Joyce Tay Huttons
Joyce Tay H.
13:39 18 Sep 19
Highly recommended Private Basic Obedience Training with Shanice. Happy owner and happy puppy.
Rachel Koh
Rachel K.
13:03 14 Sep 19
I left my 2 dogs with Joy for boarding from 6-8 September. Joy was really detailed and meticulous in attending to my dogs’ needs, bearing in mind the pointers that my hubby and I shared with her. She also sent us timely updates and assisted in the taking of really cute pictures of our dogs while they were in her care. From the pictures, we could tell that they thoroughly enjoyed their time at Joy’s place. Thank you very much for taking care of them and putting our minds at ease with the regular photo and video updates while we are away! We will surely place them under her care the next time we require boarding. Thank you Joy (:
Sarah Caro
Sarah C.
09:05 10 Sep 19
My puppy Ellie and I both enjoyed the training sessions. Ellie knows when it's Shanice who is calling thru the intercom -- she gets way more excited than if it were anybody else. Because of that we would spend a good several minutes training her to calm down so we could start our lessons! Shanice is very patient and positive in helping me understand how to communicate with Ellie better. She also gives recommendations on food, doggy activities and accessories, which are a great help to us as first time owners.
Jackson Low
Jackson L.
06:41 04 Aug 19
Each time Shanice arrive, Toto gets super excited to see her. This is a clear indication of how much he enjoys her company and training sessions. Supernova emphasizes a lot on positive reinforcement which is extremely effective, long-lasting and humane. Toto is so much more obedient now and the training sessions were easy to follow even though I am a first-time dog owner. Don't bother with other training schools with gimmicky marketing and advertisments, that is not what you want to pay for. At supernova, what you get is sincere, genuine and effective training. Highly recommended.
Rebecca Sng Ju-Hwa
Rebecca Sng J.
03:44 20 Jul 19
Just completed our training sessions for GrooT our family’s puppy Toy Poodle. Shanice’s love for dogs really shows as she’s training GrooT. She’s always patient and happy while she gently corrects us;)
Nick Wykeham-Martin
Nick W.
09:09 15 Jul 19
Joy from SuperNova looked after our rather boisterous 7 month old Lab puppy at her apartment while we were away for 2 weeks. We received daily updates with photos and videos. Our dog was very well looked after, Joy is obviously very passionate about dogs and gave us useful advice on our dogs ongoing training and needs. We would definitely leave our dog again with Joy and highly recommend.
Caroline Tan
Caroline T.
11:01 24 Jun 19
Highly recommended Madeleine as a trainer if you are looking for one. Patient and very good in guiding us especially when we are first time dog owner. Sharing with us all the knowledge we should know. Thank you 🙏🏼
Sandra Vincent
Sandra V.
13:08 16 Jun 19
Ollie had a great training session with Supernova! the trainer Amy was patient and so incredible with our little pup. She shared several usual strategies and ways to engage and encourage good behaviour in the dog. thank you so much for this incredible experience! I highly recommend the agility training sessions!! 🙂
Kumar Yarlagadda
Kumar Y.
11:11 16 Jun 19
This is the first time boarding our pet. It took me months before I finally found supernova. Joy is the person who took care of my dog. Joy did a great job in taking care of my 18 months old Pomeranian. She has done an amazing xcellent job keeping us informed by sending pictures and videos. Everyday she cook for my dog. Joy is very reliable, flexible and trusted. I am very thankful for Joy, her professionalism and her genuine love for pets.
Anya Arpaka
Anya A.
15:31 27 May 19
Shanice and Joy are very patient and understanding trainers. I have a timid and sensitive dog so I'm very particular with the training methods and the trainer. However Shanice and Joy are great to work with, they never once made my dog too uncomfortable and their positive training methods prove fantastic in helping my dog learn and grow more confident. Kudos to the both of them!
Pin Rui Pop Corn
Pin Rui Pop C.
10:06 27 May 19
Completed my dog (POPCORN) ON THE Basic obedience course by (Shanice) and (Joy) on the 26/5/19. Thank you for the patience and friendly guide toward my dog and me as a owner, thank you for ur advise and teaching too.I give 5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟For the speech, for the training, and everything.Lastly thank you shanice&joy.
Joanna Pay
Joanna P.
05:51 26 May 19
We attended the good canine citizen course with our 1.2 years old singapore special melo, whom we just adopted. We chose supernova academy as Shanice and joy uses positive reinforcement training. Sure enough the lessons were relaxing and rewarding. we enjoyed and gained from the lessons a lot. Thumbs up!
Julia Joes
Julia J.
05:53 27 Apr 19
I signed for the loose leash class with Supernova for my Chloe. She is a 4 months old Goldie. Shanice is a very cheerful, friendly and patient trainer, and Chloe loves her. Chloe had completed her loose leash course yesterday and today, I took her out for a long walk. Very happy to see her able to walk politely on a leash - no more pulling and running to other direction. Thank you Shanice.
Chris Hook
Chris H.
00:47 21 Apr 19
Great experience training our Shiba Inu with Shanice. Good tips and tricks to have a well mannered and enjoyable pet! We would definitely recommend Supernova!
Cheryl Tan
Cheryl T.
05:45 08 Apr 19
Great boarding experience with a superb fur friend in Joy! Big shout out to her for being passionate and proactive when our GR boarded with her for 8 days. She was super loving towards Benji and constantly feeds him Lots of treats and love. We are super pleased with Joy for the well done boarding service she provided. Lots of heartfelt thanks to you and for loving the thing you do and doing it so well. Keep it up!
Ng Zong Xiong
Ng Zong X.
13:28 04 Apr 19
Completed my private home training program by Shanice, and experience was awesome! Pup is now so much more obedient than ever and I’ve too learned so much from this training. Shanice is very patience throughout whole of the training and very willing to share her experience and knowledge with me.I strongly recommend first time dog owner to sign up the training package 🙂
Charlotte Stephen
Charlotte S.
12:46 29 Mar 19
Wonderful & encouraging training by Sharnice. We benefited so much & enjoyed our pet Beagle so much more. A very positive experience.
Tess Ye
Tess Y.
10:22 20 Mar 19
Never one to sweat the small stuff, we had difficulty getting Treasure to be interested in following commands. Shanice managed to help us motivate him and advised us whenever we had issues with crate-training or toilet training. Shanice was always very responsive and taught us useful commands which we hope to reinforce daily. After these 8 sessions, I realised that some dogs learn fast, and some dogs learn slow. But as long as you (and your furkid) don’t give up, you will get your furkid to be the good canine citizen you want!We also went on a short family get-away and entrusted Treasure with Joy. We were very reassured with our daily updates (pics and vids) and saw our puppy having great supervised fun! His tail never stopped wagging and we knew he was enjoying his staycation as much as we were enjoying our vacation!
Teck Hwee Soh
Teck Hwee S.
11:42 17 Mar 19
We adopted our dog lassie and he is 5. We don’t think he has previously undergone any form of training n finds it hard to obey simple commands.As the old saying goes, can’t teach a dog old tricks but shanice was very patient with us n lassie. Her approach of fun and reward in training made going for sessions fun and non threatening even thought he was an adult amongst puppies.Shanice displayed an intuitive understanding of dogs and was able to slowly get lassie to learn the commands and she was also very patient with us, taking individual steps with each dog to cater to the unique challenges of each dogI would strongly recommend supernova for training.
Annie Lam
Annie L.
21:28 22 Feb 19
I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU and share our experience on Trainer Joy.We sent our 2 shelties – Maxx (13) and Mieko (7) to her during the CNY week.We are so thankful towards her because; Maxx, our senior boy had his jaw removed in Aug 2018 because he had oral melanoma. Maxx is recovering well. Without a jaw means he will take a longer to finish his food. He also has to consume his regular supplements twice daily. Trainer Joy had so much passion with them that she ensured me Maxx and Mieko are ok. We get videos and pictures of the duo and this puts us at ease. She is also very attentive and patient towards Maxx on his feeding.We highly recommend that you board your dogs with Joy! She is passionate and trustworthy, and your pets will be well taken care of. This attached picture speaks a 1000 words. The look on our shelties is priceless and tells us we've made a good choice! We are looking forward to more future boarding with Joy! Thank you, Joy!Love, M&M
Brandon Ong
Brandon O.
12:35 19 Feb 19
A big shout out to Shanice who trained our GR Benji. Patient and thorough trainer who helped us a lot to get our boy obedient to the commands. At the same time, Shanice also shared much knowledge on managing Benji. Kudos to her!
Chan Meng
Chan M.
13:30 13 Feb 19
No regret or complaint. Just Yahoo.
YingJing Ng
YingJing N.
05:39 28 Dec 18
We had to put our border collie with Joy for 23 days. Joy’s passion and understanding towards dogs makes her the best caretaker ever. She took the initiative to constantly update us and also to change certain unwanted habits. Overall we are super pleased and could tell Tiger thoroughly enjoyed her stay. Highly recommend Joy if you want a stress free getaway and someone who values the well being of your dogs. Thanks Joy, for putting in so much effort in doing what you do.
Wesley Yim
Wesley Y.
10:30 13 Dec 18
I am quite picky when it comes to choosing trainers and I have no regrets choosing Supernova. The trainers here are knowledgeable and helpful. Always encouraging us to do better and are able to offer valuable insight into improving our skills and handling techniques.Since joining Supernova's Competitive Agility class, my Japanese Spitz has gone on to qualify in 3 agility trials with 1st placing and attained her first agility title, SSB. I credit this greatly to the training and guidance received from Supernova's agility trainers; Ween Sze, Amy, Michelle, and Shanice! If you are looking to try agility out, I would definitely recommend Supernova as they have a good, structured training programme that will give you solid foundations and amazing trainers who will bring out the best in you.
Chloe Loh
Chloe L.
09:56 09 Nov 18
It wasn't easy training Chloe outside of the home; particularly "down" command. 😝 However, Shanice's clear and simple instructions and appropriate pacing made it possible for me to get Chloe to understand. Chloe still remembers the commands, and is quicker now to follow through, at least at the home front. 🤣 I find that she also seems calmer on walks and can walk along side us better. Thank you, Shanice. It was a fun learning experience!
Dean Habbershaw
Dean H.
04:49 23 Oct 18
My puppy, Carlton who was four months old completed the 5 day board and train program with an awesome trainer – Joy. We were inconsistent in his training and working most days so it was tough to dedicate the time needed for his basic training. Shanice and Joy updated us regularly with messages, videos and pictures. Even from day one we could see so much progress, especially in his toilet training. Upon completion of the board and train, Joy and Shanice spend a good few hours with us at home, teaching us the techniques and skills required to keep him on the right path.The results we have seen are tremendous and we cannot thank the trainer, Joy enough for getting us to this stage.I would highly recommend Supernova, Shanice and Joy for your doggy training needs.
Li Ting Ng
Li Ting N.
11:17 08 Oct 18
My girl, Belle, is a dog with very low confidence outdoors. After her Puppy Agility course with SuperNova, she is now a lot more confident and has learnt to enjoy playing outdoors. Really appreciate trainer Ween Sze's patience and guidance throughout the course. She is able to identify the weakness of each dog in the course and provide customised timely feedback and suggested practices.
Simon Mandy Hoi
Simon Mandy H.
08:05 06 Oct 18
Thank you Shanice for her dedication towards training my naughty boy Hushbrown! I took up private training and I can say that Hushbrown does well with his basic behaviour and is able to listen to simple commands now! Would consider going for advance training or agility programme! Well done Shanice, SuperNova and Hushbrown!
Charlene Fong
Charlene F.
05:17 01 Oct 18
We signed up our 4 month puppy Loki for an extended board and train for 9 days with trainer Joy. He learned quickly how to poo and pee on his pee tray which he completely revused to do before. Joy gave us timely and daily updates on what Loki has been learning, which put us at ease while we were away. Joy also managed to get Loki to learn basic commands, accept his crate which he previously hated and also socialisation with other dogs and children! We could see that Loki very much enjoyed learning with her and her puppy Tobi. Strongly recommend!
Joy Neo
Joy N.
03:32 30 Sep 18
Dog trainer course:Learning from Shanice has been very fruitful and enriching these past 8 months. Her transparency and willingness to share makes it easy for people to be open about any questions they may have and not feel embarrassed about asking if a certain way of doing something is right or wrong.She has provided me with opportunities and is always there to offer advices. Our teamwork has grown tremendously albeit a short period of time and I believe it’s because of our common belief towards reaching out to both dogs and owners an equal opportunity to practice positive reinforcement training which really creates a stronger bond between the two.I look forward to exploring more of what I can learn and achieve to help SuperNova grow to greater heights!
Roland Tan
Roland T.
02:45 11 Sep 18
Thanks Shanice for training and looking after Anya, our lab. Thanks for all your advice and patience ! Much appreciated and highly recommended by all of us ... and Anya of course!! Roland and Louise Tan
Jessica Lim
Jessica L.
03:23 18 Aug 18
When we got Queenie, we were already in love with her. But it can become quite frustrating when she pees everywhere around the house, bitey when it comes to play, eat her own poop and a list of other issues. During our private training session with Shanice, she was able to spend the 1-1 time to teach us as first time pet owners how we might have been giving Queenie mixed signals that could have confuse her and also correct her wrong behaviour. Correction the dog is important to resolve the issue. But teaching the owners how to read the dog’s body language is priceless. Queenie is now so much more fun to play and live with now. We are enjoying her so much more. Thank you Shanice!
Lye Siew Lin
Lye Siew L.
13:37 12 Aug 18
I have decided to sign up private lessons for my 8 month old Coco with Shanice after reading so much of good reviews.She is very approachable and patient. She uses positive reinforcement which was what we wanted in a training. Coco was able to learn few tricks a lesson, we would take few weeks to get Coco to master one trick!We are glad that we had signed up with Shanice to teach us on how to handle Coco. Siew Lin & Clarissa
Sarah Chiang
Sarah C.
00:59 28 Jul 18
My puppy Faith just completed her Good Canine Citizen course, and I opted for the private training sessions with Shanice. I was at my wits' end when I brought my puppy home because my puppy was not toilet trained and I felt that my own methods of training were not working. What Shanice can do and will do (during the private training sessions) is to examine the layout of the potty area and advise on the best way to commence toilet training. I'm glad to say that Faith is toilet trained now! On top of toilet training, Faith now responds to all basic obedience commands like "come, sit, down, stay, paw" and I was taught how to properly walk her on leash. I would have to say that Shanice is very patient and does her best to answer any questions that you have about your dog's behaviour. Thank you Shanice and Supernova for all the hard work you've put in! Faith and I are looking forward to agility training! �
Edna Francine Tan
Edna Francine T.
10:59 17 Jun 18
Sploot was a stubborn puppy but after attending his puppy class he became much more well behave Thx shanice for the guidance �
Eilynn Tan
Eilynn T.
07:05 07 Jun 18
Our 4 months old puppy has finally completed her SuperNova Comprehensive Good Canine Citizen, trained by Shanice. The trainings were at a good pace with Shanice being super patient and helpful in explaining the cause of bad behaviours and ways to tackle them with positive reinforcement. SuperNova has really delivered its promise on using positive training techniques with patience, kindness and consistency. Can’t thank you enough Shanice!
Teo Jie Wei
Teo Jie W.
05:18 28 May 18
Gotten my puppy Teddy when he is close to 5 months old. I had no prior experience in owning a puppy. Teddy was so mischievous that we had no idea how to train him. Luckily a friend introduces us to Shanice and her training and tips are awesome. She also willing to stay a little longer to share with us tips and tricks on training Teddy. She uses positive reinforcement methods and tried different methodologies till Teddy understand the command.
Sarah Low
Sarah L.
14:50 05 Apr 18
Instructor Shanice is very encouraging and has lots of patience for my puppy and I. I love attending her class every week. � try it to believe it!
Max Lim
Max L.
14:05 28 Mar 18
Shanice was great! She taught us how to train our 3.5 year old rescue using incentives. We didn't think we needed a trainer as Hollie came with a very mild temperament, but through the training, we learnt so much more about training her through the use of incentives.Thank you Shanice, hope to see more of you around!
Law Whye Kiat
Law Whye K.
03:35 17 Mar 18
When we adopted bubu from SOSD, we had difficulties getting her to follow us properly. There were times when walks got super long because she refused to walk where we wanted her to go and simply sat there in a meltdown. After the Good Canine Citizen course, Bubu can now follow and walk by our sides with commands. She can sit and lie down on command. We are now more confident of bringing her outside and walking Bubu now is so much more enjoyable as Bubu knows what we want her to do. Thank you Shanice!
Cheryl Fung
Cheryl F.
22:56 15 Mar 18
My puppy, Bundy, is officially a good canine citizen and I cannot thank Shanice enough! When I started looking for a trainer, I knew that I wanted one who advocated positive training techniques, although I was admittedly a little apprehensive as to how effective it would be. Fast forward 6 weeks, I’m so glad I engaged Shanice. From day 1, I was impressed at how quickly my dog responded to Shanice’s positive training methods (and to Shanice herself) and it wasn’t long before Shanice helped me realise that with lots of patience and consistency, I can train Bundy to do almost anything! I’ve grown a more confident dog owner thanks to Shanice and Bundy, while more obedient, remains as happy and playful as ever! Thank you, Shanice! I’m looking forward to starting agility classes with you!
Jian Wei
Jian W.
15:09 27 Feb 18
I've Signed up for Puppy Private home lesson with Shernice of Super Nova, she has taught me basic command and reinforce when my pup starts to get stubborn.Other then teaching me basic commands and addressing some behaviour problems and my concerns. Shernice also follows up to make sure everything is alright with my pup, which other academy do not really.Shernice has been a really big help teaching me to condition my pup to make sure my pup grows up well and healthy! and will need her help again.
Sharon Tan
Sharon T.
09:31 23 Dec 17
Chris Loeffen
Chris L.
09:20 16 Dec 17
We just finished our Good Canine Citizen course and it's been a tremendous help. Lillie started with a mind of her own and a strong sense of personal space with other dogs (understatement!), but with Shanice's help in less than 2 months she's listening better, better on her walks, more obedient and has much improved with other dogs.
Hqcherie Xu
Hqcherie X.
05:14 25 Oct 17
Excellent pet sitting service from Shanice. No worries about our doggy staycation when we are away because we know our little girl is in good hands, with good company. Nikko thoroughly enjoys each and every staycation with Shanice! Many thanks for your love for Nikko.
Albertina Ou
Albertina O.
11:39 29 Sep 17
We signed up for private basic obedience Project ADORE classes with Supernova and can definitely say we made a great decision.Our trainer, Shanice, is extremely knowledgeable, willing to share, and great at training both humans and dogs! Her love for dogs is obvious too.Shanice clearly communicates what we hope to achieve in each session. She also adapts her training techniques during the session if the human or dog does not seem to "get it" or if there are easier/better ways to communicate what we want the dog to learn. (Note: All techniques used are positive which was what drew us to Supernova.)As a result of the training, our previously untrained dog can now focus on walks in spite of distractions, come when called, leave things alone when asked to, heel, etc. She has even gotten compliments from strangers that she is very "guai". Although, of course, she is not perfect and still a work in progress; dog training is a lifelong process anyway. The important thing is, through these sessions, we now have a foundation and are equipped to train our dog in a positive and happy way for the rest of our lives together.We would definitely recommend Supernova and Shanice!P.S. Shanice, sorry it has taken us so long to write this review!
Yingqi Lim
Yingqi L.
16:20 29 Aug 17
Mó Gū is my first puppy, and I wasn't sure how to train her, so I decided to bring her for obedience training! She started her first lesson when she was 3 months and 1 week old, and completed the obedience course when she was almost 5 months! In the beginning, she didn't want to walk at all when leashed, But thanks to shanice's advice, that issue was resolved by the 3rd lesson! �
Amy Lee SP
Amy Lee S.
06:09 29 Aug 17
We attended the good canine citizen course with our 6 months old toy poodle Mong Mong .We completed the lessons on 27th Aug and Mong Mong was presented with his very first certificate .Mong Mong is happy & look forward to attend every lesson on Sunday afternoon . He enjoy himself very much as he is able to learn new things and meet new friends .Shanice is very patience and she teaches us new skills to handle Mong Mong , she is able to tell us what we need to improve on & Mong Mong are able to listen & follow instructions better after the lessons .I also do agreed that more dog body language skills should be included in the lessons so we can be more sensitive to our furkids feeling and moods .Thank you Shanice for all the efforts in making the lessons so enjoyable for our Mong Mong .
Elisa Ang
Elisa A.
07:23 28 Aug 17
We attended the good canine citizen course with our 7.5 years old singapore special Happy, whom we just adopted. We chose supernova academy as Shanice uses positive reinforcement training. Sure enough the lessons were relaxing and rewarding. Maybe some things that I can suggest are that lessons would have been better with a better venue and maybe a much more solid foundation on how to read the dog's body language, how to reward at the right time. But still, we enjoyed and gained from the lessons a lot. Thumbs up!
Kellyn Wong
Kellyn W.
06:01 25 Aug 17
My family engaged Shanice for private home training sessions as our 3 year old Singapore special, Doozer was rather skittish outdoors. He also has issues with barking when he hears noises. Throughout the 5 sessions, Shanice has been very patient and encouraging with Doozer. Shanice was able to provide tips which were sustainable and do-able for us in the long run. He has become more manageable now. Thank you very much! We will continue the good work and effort!
Hazel Tan
Hazel T.
02:46 15 Aug 17
Supernova dog training was great for my 10 year old dog! I have already completed 3 terms of dog agility training and have developed a better bond with my dog. Nugget looks forward to lessons each time. What's great is the lessons are tailored to your dog's level and also with group training there is a level of motivation to improve. Lessons are not too structured and allows owners to self explore their handling. Immediate feedback and also constructive tips to improve.Quite flexible dates and timing. Only thing I wish for is more run time!
Caroline Cecilea
Caroline C.
08:05 23 Jul 17
My boy and I had a wonderful experience training under Shanice. She is patient and shared a lot of challenging situations which she herself face with her own dogs and solutions as to how to overcome those challenges. Her training encompasses positive reinforcements which was what appealed to me and after the training it made me an even firmer believer in how powerful reinforcements are to communicate with your furry companion. Thank you Shanice!
Gayeathri Ramashamy
Gayeathri R.
06:31 28 Jun 17
Trainer Shanice was very accommodating and gave suggestion useful for each dog. Her training methods were easy to follow, and with practice are effective. Thank you!
Gary Chua
Gary C.
08:15 01 May 17
Very patient and experienced trainer, thanks for making the lessons enjoyable for both Coco and us!
Ellen Wee
Ellen W.
08:10 26 Apr 17
Ambigai Thambyah
Ambigai T.
23:08 23 Apr 17
The training was very helpful and trainer Shanice shared alot of useful information on dealing with daily issues we may face with the fur kids. Strongly recommend all dog owners to take up the training to have a better adjusted fur kid.
Irene Goh
Irene G.
15:35 27 Mar 17
Shanice is super patient with chaplin and always happy to share her experiences. Much easier to handle chaplin during his walks after his training session. Highly recommended �
Ernest Neo
Ernest N.
04:11 14 Mar 17
My Cavapoo Chann recently completed his Good Canine Citizen training conducted by Shanice. She has lots experience to share and provide a good learning environment for both the dog and the handler.
Brandon Tan
Brandon T.
06:31 06 Feb 17
First I would like to thanks Shanice for being the trainer for my MS Bogie �.Today is graduation day for Bogie to complete his 6 weeks Puppy private class with her. Both myself, my wife n � had learned a lot from her. Shanice had been very patience n had shared her experience with us. it was great n beneficial attending her class. Well done...Shanice!!!���
Elena Tan
Elena T.
06:52 02 Jan 17
My Beagle pup Echo completed her 6 weeks private lessons with Trainer Shanice. I'm thankful Shanice was very patient and understanding with us during the lessons. My goal is for Echo to one day do agility and play frisbee. It's a challenge with a Beagle, but with the help from Shanice we are now one step closer to that goal. 🙂
Rachael Lo
Rachael L.
13:52 02 Dec 16
Scooby attended the 8 lessons puppy obedience class. It has been a great experience for him and me! Thank you Shanice for guiding us in training our pup.
Krysania Tan
Krysania T.
05:51 18 Oct 16
Princess Nanuk and I enjoyed our basic obedience training with Shanice � I learnt that training was possible with positive reinforcement, which was especially helpful as Nanuk is averse to the usual negative methods that I'm more accustomed to with my parents' dog. Nanuk is now a Good Canine Citizen. Thank you SuperNova and Shanice! �
Jasmin Lau
Jasmin L.
03:26 03 Oct 16
Nikki completed her Good Canine Citizen training with Shanice and we have really benefited from the private training sessions as a family! Shanice emphasises positive training and reinforcements, which we value very much.
Lyndy Foo
Lyndy F.
09:20 31 Aug 16
Koby has completed the Dog Obedience Training conducted by the Trainer Shanice. Shanice is dedicated and has excellent knowledge of dogs. She has demonstrated very good understanding of golden retriever qualities and behaviour. With better understanding of Koby, it has improved our relationship. We have also bring him to a better control and management after the short period of training.
Eulabius Lam
Eulabius L.
03:12 26 Jun 16
Helped my dog to be less afraid of people while teaching her some basic commands at the same time. Flexible schedule to meet your needs as well!
Ant Ho
Ant H.
12:35 15 Jun 16
Clara Tan
Clara T.
14:55 06 Jun 16
Our heartfelt thanks to Shanice of SuperNova for the completion of Bloo's group training - she is a changed obedient girl now.
Lucki Goh
Lucki G.
14:37 03 May 16
I wanna thank Shanice for all the patience, tips and advises during the training sessions. Lucki used to be a hardcore puller when he was out but now he cuts down(alot) on his pulling and this makes our walk more enjoyable! Thanks alot!
Wy Loh
Wy L.
05:56 19 Apr 16
Shanice is jovial and friendly. Her lessons are easy to understand and the pace is good. We had an enjoyable time!
Candy Seng
Candy S.
09:32 27 Dec 15
I'm a good example of positive food based reward training. Daddy says I'm a good girl now..
Sonia Lee
Sonia L.
06:14 27 Dec 15
Thanks, Shanice for imparting to us your knowledge on training our dogs.Very happy that Reiki is able to listen to commands n be an obedient little puppy now.
JX Lim
07:53 19 Dec 15
Donna attended a set of 8 basic agility classes with Shanice at Bishan Park. It was at an affordable rate and at a very accessible location for us. We had a trial session with Shanice before we decided to join the course. Shanice was very patient with Donna who was fearful of tunnels and needed more time to learn to run through them. In general, I was very comfortable with Shanice. She is very friendly and easy-going, and even offered the class an extra Saturday to practise at the end of the course that I really appreciated! Shanice's basic agility classes at Bishan Park is a good choice if you're looking for something fun to learn with dog in the AMK-Bishan neighbourhood.
Lin Huang
Lin H.
07:39 16 Oct 15
Pluto was very scared and timid when we adopted him. He was scared to leave our house and at times was even too scared to come down the stairs. With Shanice's help, using positive training method, Pluto has learned basic commands and after three to four lessons, he felt encouraged enough to finally walk out our door and walk down the hall way. Six months in and we have seen siginificant improvements in his behavior and he continues to get better each day. For owners who have dogs that are fearful or timid, I highly recommend Shanice's lessons as these problems cannot be ignored and will worsen unless the owners make a commitment to help our beloved dogs.
Amy Jo Moore
Amy Jo M.
05:05 14 Oct 15
I joined the class mostly to socialize my puppy. I had already been training him on my own through internet information before he had all his vaccinations. The class helped in his socialization and doing his commands/tricks with distractions. I also learned quite a few things in the class that I did not learn from the internet. Shanice was very helpful and great with all my questions. I have lived in Singapore for 5 years and has never been to Bishan Park before. It is a Wonderful place to have obedience class. After class we would go to the dog run and then have a Nice bite to eat at the dog friendly restaurants. It made for a great puppy day! I Look forward to doing the agility training with Shanice!
Wong Seng Wai
Wong Seng W.
10:03 01 Sep 15
Astro, my 2 year old BC has just completed his Agility Level#1 with SuperNova and he has done well.Trainer Shanice has been very patience and flexible throughout the course.Thus most handlers and dogs were able to keep up with course. I have also learnt alot of her very positive handling technique. Thank you,Astro and owner (SW Wong)
Win Chia
Win C.
02:47 13 Jul 15
I brought my very stubborn but cute french bulldog puppy to Supernova's Good Canine Citizen class. Shanice is great - she finds time to provide individual attention to all the dogs, giving tips on how to train to suit your own dog's personality and preferences, so that no dog is left out . She also videos lessons and whatsapp to the group so that you don't miss out on the training if you are away. She is also generous with her time and advice if you approach her with specific questions, and I found her to be more personal and genuinely friendly than some other trainers. Most of all, she really loves dogs and it comes through in her training methods. She makes the training fun and it is really an enjoyable experience. Excellent! I will be bringing my less stubborn pup for more lessons.
Yan Huan
Yan H.
06:40 27 May 15
Our kirei, a shiba inu at 3yrs old had just completed a course of private training conducted by shanice at the comfort of our house. We are very happy that our choice of private training has helped kirei to learn to pee at home. This is crucial esp on days when we come hm late. Kirei is grass trained n is very adament not to pee at hm. Coupled with other problems, shanice seeks to provide us with feasible solutions to resolve our issues with kirei. Shanice is friendly and went beyond to train us on tricks and skills to manage our dog. We like how she is always come prepare with things to teach us. We are glad that we had chose supernova and we had learnt so much from her! Kirei woof with her heartfelt thanks for making her a better resident dog. Utimately, our mission is accomplished; kirei is able to pee at home now. This is our utmost priority so Thank you, Shanice!
Wilson Chia
Wilson C.
02:09 26 Mar 15
Nino got a lot better after training with SuperNova. I was always afraid to bring him to the park until SuperNova encouraged and helped me with it.
Kat Peachy
Kat P.
05:49 06 Mar 15
As a first time puppy owner, I found the classes very useful for both regular obedience training but also understanding puppy behaviours. Peaches ( started at 4 months) was very young and I was worried about some of the different methods of training in the market. I dont think negative or forceful training is appropriate for a little baby! Shanice teaches with only positive reinforcement and Peaches learnt all the basic commands as well as started puppy socialisations during the class. What is very useful is not only the basic command trainings but also other important skills needed between puppy and family such as how to get your dog to accept grooming. Also she is a great help with any questions one may have about dogs! Training is great fun and bonding for both pup and handler and we have signed up for level 1 agility to continue learning and bonding!
Cheryl Hoon Wan Jing
Cheryl Hoon Wan J.
14:36 05 Mar 15
Willow is a Singapore Special and typically mongrels are more attuned to the environment and can get very distracted. Through Shanice's class, she has learnt tricks, good focus and is able to do a sit anywhere she goes, even in a high distraction environment. Training her using Shanice's method has also become an enjoyable activity for both of us and provides great bonding. Shanice will also listen to queries we have eg problems we face at home and advise us exactly what we should do. Would recommend Shanice's positive training as it will benefit the owner and pup throughout its life and positive training has long term results! A trained dog is a good dog and an enjoyable dog to have. That is the essence of having a canine companion, which is to enjoy having one! Thanks Shanice!
Cherin Lim
Cherin L.
03:42 12 Jan 15
Shanice is very experienced and patient. She made the training easy to follow and effective for our dogs. Will definitely recommend her to other pet owners!
Chiew Ling
Chiew L.
18:38 31 Oct 14
Within 6 lessons, my puppy Labrador mischievous behavior has improved. Thanks Shanice for the patience coaching which benefit us!
Angel QingQing
Angel Q.
15:03 13 Aug 14
QingQing is a over 9 yrs old ex-breeding dog that has been rescued last yr. After being kept in rusty cage and lack of interaction, her paws are all deformed and she will freeze whenever a harness & leash was put on her. As she's v food motivated, Shanice's training methods works v well for QingQing. Just within 5 mins, QingQing started walking on leash from her freeze mode. When comes to teaching commands, the initial voice command seems to be a challenge for QingQing until Shanice taught me the hand signal method. It works well and now I combine both voice command and hand signal when I want to get QingQing to sit, down, stand, stay, heel, come, leave it, free & go mat. I'm very impressed with Shanice's way of teaching. In 6 lessons, I was able to achieve so many commands and most importantly, got QingQing to be more responsive. Thank you so much, Shanice!
Maria Goh Kueek
Maria Goh K.
16:24 24 Jul 14
06:56 14 Jun 14
Willie Teo
Willie T.
10:18 12 Mar 14
Jayanthi Balasupramanian
Jayanthi B.
01:22 24 Nov 13
Raymond Lee
Raymond L.
02:00 31 Oct 13
Gabriel Arvizu Gonzalez
Gabriel Arvizu G.
05:15 26 Oct 13
Jenny Lim
Jenny L.
06:02 23 Oct 13
Ong Wendy
Ong W.
10:32 22 Oct 13
Amanda Wong-Lee
Amanda W.
15:18 14 Oct 13
Dian Ahmad
Dian A.
00:53 12 Oct 13
Thng LiLi
Thng L.
07:09 11 Oct 13
Chxrlotte Tee
Chxrlotte T.
05:46 11 Oct 13
Jennifer Faith Yeo
Jennifer Faith Y.
14:27 10 Oct 13
Christina Rosanna
Christina R.
14:18 10 Oct 13
Christina Rosanna
Christina R.
14:18 10 Oct 13
Carol Yeo
Carol Y.
12:09 10 Oct 13
Ruby Prince
Ruby P.
02:00 09 Oct 13
Hwa Kua Lay
Hwa Kua L.
03:18 08 Oct 13
Lazy Irritating Jeslyn
Lazy Irritating J.
05:18 05 Oct 13
Cem Ong
Cem O.
07:06 14 Sep 13
It's been great fun going for lessons! My hyper JRT likes meeting her friends and loves the attention their mommies even more! Shanice is so easy to get along with and is very resourceful in terms of techniques and gadgets. Look forward to getting together again to try agility!
Winterbelle Tng
Winterbelle T.
03:03 03 Sep 13
Little Bailey
Little B.
17:08 21 Aug 13
Marissa Belle
Marissa B.
12:10 19 Aug 13
06:44 19 Aug 13
Alfred Tan
Alfred T.
04:07 06 Jul 13
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