Swedish Dog Massage


What Is Swedish Dog Massage?

Swedish Dog Massage is one of the physical therapies that come from a dog’s anatomy and approaches a dog’s muscles.

Based on Swedish animal massage, this Dog Massage is devised by incorporating the massage skills and knowledge in Australia.

The Swedish dog massage given in Japan is recognised as an improved medical massage with a focus on dog illness and guidance from veterinarians.

It is thought that the burden on the dog will be reduced because this massage does not use any tools, but will grasp the dog’s skeleton and muscles and perform the procedure on the muscles only by hand.

Benefits of the massage:

  • Improves body circulation
  • Smoothens joints’ movement
  • Relieve stress or pain
  • Rehabilitation
  • Recover from fatigue
  • Staying healthy

Suitable for:

  • Senior dogs
  • Dogs with Patella issues
  • Sports dogs

This massage is not suitable for the below:

  • Dogs with fever or skin problems
  • Dogs in heat
  • Dogs with immunity diseases
  • Dogs under filariasis or filariasis treatment
  • Dogs 8months and below
  • Dogs had meals 2hrs before the massage

About the Massage Therapist, Yumi

Hi, I’m Yumi, I’m from Japan.

I have a toy poodle. Her name is Toi.

We’ve been enjoying Dog Agility both in Japan and in Singapore for 6 years.

I desire to play Agility with Toi for as long as possible.

What could I do about that? 

I started to search for what it’s beneficial for my dog.

Then I found Swedish Dog Massage!

I learned Swedish Dog Massage in Japan. I made 3 round trips by plane to learn the techniques of Swedish Dog Massage.

SuperNova is the first centre to have Swedish Dog Massage in Singapore.

As I learned this massage, I found it can work not only to reduce the risk of injuries but also to improve the immunity system, to recover mobility of legs, to prevent the deterioration of patella issues and more.

I gave Toi this massage regularly to reduce the risk of injuries as she is an agility dog.

I was so surprised that Toi started to run faster than before!

Regular massage can also notice the little changes in the dog so you can seek veterinary help early if needed.

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Duration: 20 – 25 Minutes Per Session


1 Session
Below 10kg – $40.00
Below 25kg – $45.00
25kg Over – $50.00

4 Sessions (Expire 4 months)
Below 10kg – $150.00
Below 25kg – $170.00
25kg Over – $190.00

8 Sessions (Expire 6 months)

Below 10kg – $288.00
Below 25kg – $328.00
25kg Over – $368 .00

For booking on Friday only.

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