Introducing our new program – Train4Me.

Now you can send your furkid to school and our trainers will train your furkid in basic obedience 3 times a week — Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Your furkid will also get to go for walks, socialize with the other participants and play enrichment games during school. The focus of this program is Basic Obedience.

Each period, we accept 3 dogs per trainer. Transport will be provided to ease the hassle of sending and fetching your furkid to and from school.

Train4Me™ is available for all puppies 3mths to 10mths old. All puppies must have at least completed 2 vaccinations.

This program will follow our popular Good Canine Citizen program.


  1. Toilet training
  2. Leash walking
  3. Position cues: sit, down, stand
  4. Other position cues: front, side, close, centre
  5. Stay (Sit Stay, Down Stay)
  6. Leave it
  7. Crate training/Playpen training
  8. Place training
  9. Prevention of resource guarding
  10. Prevention of food aggression
  11. Impulse control (at doors)
  12. Socialization (Feel, Touch, Sight, Sound)
  13. Cooperative Care
  14. And many more

A Basic Train4Me™ program is a 12 sessions program. Your puppy will learn and progress through the different levels (K1, P1, P2 and so on). Our trainer will send you videos of the training per week to update you so that you can also practice with your furkid at home. In all training, it needs 2 hands to clap in order to see progress. We help you to train and you will have to follow and reinforce what we have taught in school similar to how your child attends school.

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